Ghost Simulator codes – free pets and hoverboards (March 2024)

The latest codes available for Ghost Simulator.

Last checked: December 30, 2023

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In Roblox Ghost Simulator, ghosts have taken over the world and only you can stop them. Capture ghosts and upgrades your equipment to become more powerful. Unlock pets and hoverboards along the way to help you out through your journey to exploring new biomes. Become as strong as you can to defeat bosses, complete quests, and unveil the store. We have a working list of Ghost Simulator codes that you can use to redeem for free in-game items like hoverboards, pets, and more.

Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes

  • ICYLOOT — Unlocks: 1x Ghost Lootbag
  • XMAS2023 — Unlocks: Frosty Dusk (New)
  • JACKOLANTERN — Unlocks: Back Pack (New)
  • SPOOKY — Unlocks: 1x Ghost Lootbag
  • REMVISION — Unlocks: 1x Ghost Lootbag
  • MAGNETICLUCK — Unlocks: Back Pack
  • LOOTYLOOTY — Unlocks: Back Pack
  • REMGUARD — Unlocks: Back Pack
  • OVERLOAD — Unlocks: Back Pack
  • MURICA — Unlocks: American Theme Skin
  • GUMPOWERED — Unlocks: Spiral Skin
  • OVER9000 — Unlocks: Overpack Loader
  • SPRINGFEELING — Unlocks: Faunascape
  • 4YEARSYOUNG — Unlocks: Ghost TV
  • EGGSCEPTIONAL — Unlocks: Egg Weapon
  • EGG — Unlocks: Bear Pet
  • RABBITSEASON — Unlocks: Rabbit Skin
  • 2LUCKY — Unlocks: Twinkling Luck
  • VAL3NT1N3 — Unlocks: Amore Amore
  • YEAR2K23 — Unlocks: Custard Class
  • DR1P — Unlocks: Peppermint Cat
  • GIFT — Unlocks: 500 Snowflakes
  • KFT — Unlocks: 500x Kentucky Fried Turkey Legs
  • TREAT — Unlocks: Krepy Bat and 500x Candy
  • 2NDROUTE — Unlocks: 1x Crate Key
  • CORN — Unlocks: Corn Board McCoard
  • BB500K — Unlocks: Bloxy Boy 500
  • LASTDAY — Unlocks: Hoverboard
  • SPAC3 — Unlocks: Dave Pet
  • PLAY — Unlocks: Cosmic Hand Pet
  • FIREFLY — Unlocks: Firefly Pet
  • R1FT — Unlocks: Purple Pegasus Pet

Expired Ghost Simulator Codes

  • BASKET — Unlocks: Pet
  • GHOSTSIM2 — Unlocks: Pet
  • LUCKY22 — Unlocks: Pet
  • ALANSTEVEALAN — Unlocks: Pet
  • TREEHUGGER — Unlocks: Koala Pet
  • LOVECURSE — Unlocks: Free Pet
  • 100TH — Unlocks: Free Pet
  • XMASBEATS — Unlocks: Drummin Pet
  • GS2022 — Unlocks: Shooting Star 2022 Pet
  • DRIP — Unlocks: Thrift Krepy and 350 Snowflakes
  • BADGIFT — Unlocks: Bad Gift Pet
  • MERRY — Unlocks: Peppermint Pegasus and 350 Snowflakes
  • LEAFPOWER — Unlocks: Bounty Harvest
  • CORN — Unlocks: Corn Board McCoard
  • HUMBLE — Unlocks: Pumpkin Pie
  • FRIDGE — Unlocks: Legendary Pet
  • TOX1N — Unlocks: Toxin Treats
  • LASTWEEK — Unlocks: Legendary Pet
  • GARLIC — Unlocks: Legendary Pet
  • EERIE — Unlocks: x350 Candies and Exorcist Pegasus Pet
  • PUPPET — Unlocks: Puppet Master Pet
  • BOOSTED — Unlocks: Boosted Lucky Gem
  • EXCITE! — Unlocks: Excite Hoverboard
  • NOTACODE — Unlocks: One Event Bait and Two Crate Keys
  • BACONRA1D — Unlocks: Stack O Bacon
  • SPF-GS: Sunprotec
  • SADGE — Unlocks: Sadge Pet
  • BOOST — Unlocks: Squeezed
  • UWURACER — Unlocks: Jinshi
  • 2NDARC — Unlocks: Fallen Spirit
  • LEAK — Unlocks: Crate Key
  • CHATTYPEEPS — Unlocks: Redeem for Reward
  • REMNANT — Unlocks: Sugardrop
  • ETERNAL12 — Unlocks: Crate Key
  • PUGSARECOOL — Unlocks: Redeem for Pug Pet
  • 1STRANDO — Unlocks: Redeem for 2 Boss Bait
  • 2YEARS — Unlocks: Redeem for a Godly pet.
  • THEEND — Unlocks: Gears & The End Hoverboard.
  • PLAY — Unlocks: Redeem code for a Cosmic Hand Pet.
  • 1YEAR — Unlocks: Anniversary Pet & Hoverboard.
  • FIREFLY — Unlocks: Redeem code for a Firefly Pet.
  • R1FT — Unlocks: Redeem code for a Purple Pegasus Pet.
  • SPAC3 — Unlocks: Redeem code for a Dave Pet.
  • VDAY22 — Unlocks: Godly Pet (Expires Feb 16)
  • BADBAD — Unlocks: Free Pet (Expires Jan 28)
  • L1STED — Unlocks: Santa’s List Pet (Expires Jan 3)
  • FALLSEND — Unlocks: Fall Staff (Expires December 17)
  • m3ta — Unlocks: Redeem codes for an OP Godly pet.
  • BOSSRAID — Unlocks: Redeem for Bloo Chonks Pet
  • S1LLYBUNNY – Crate Key
  • PUZZLE — Unlocks: Redeem for Sorry Board (must be in BloxByte Games Group)
  • SUMM3R — Unlocks: Redeem for a Snazzy Pegasus pet.
  • LIBERTY — Unlocks: 4th of July code
  • R3BIRTH — Unlocks: Redeem code for a Pegasus pet.
  • SH0P — Unlocks: Redeem code for a T-Duck pet.

Please note, for some of these codes you will need to make sure you join the BloxByte Games Group. After you join the group, restart your game and try the code again.

How to Redeem Codes in Ghost Simulator

In order to redeem codes in Ghost Simulator, look to the left of the screen for a Twitter icon, and press it to open the code redemption menu. In the field where it says “Enter a code” you can type in any of the following codes from our Roblox Ghost Simulator codes list.

Ectoplasm and Gems are the two currencies you can collect in Ghost Simulator. Ectoplasm is collected from each ghost you catch and used to upgrade your backpack space and vacuum. You can get gems from catching ghosts or doing quests, and these can be used to purchase pet crates.

Pets help you catch ghosts faster and also increase the amount of ectoplasm you get from them. Use one of the Roblox Ghost Simulator codes above to get a pet early on in the game to help you out.

Hoverboards help you move around faster, so you should also use a code to get on of these to catch more ghosts.

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