Roblox Gas Station Simulator Codes (March 2024)

Use These Codes For Some Extra Money and AdTokens!
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Updated January 4, 2024

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If you’ve ever wanted to be a gas station employee, now’s your chance! In Gas Station Simulator, you can experience what it’s like to buy inventory, stock shelves, and work for the ultimate gas station! It’s a thankless job, being a gas station clerk, but it’s one that’s needed to keep society running neatly.

Whether you’re just starting Gas Station Simulator, or you’re playing for the fiftieth time this week, these codes are for you! It would seem that, as of writing, available codes for Gas Station Simulator will unlock some in-game currency, cosmetic items, and AdTokens. AdTokens are a type of currency used in this game that allow users to use paid mechanics for free! So, let’s jump into it and showcase these codes!

All Gas Station Simulator Codes List

Gas Station Simulator Codes (Working)

These are all the working Gas Station Simulator codes.

  • Christmas2022 — Unlocks: $250, AdTokens, Christmas Sweater.
  • V1.3.9v4 — Unlocks: $100, AdTokens.
  • freemanager — Unlocks: Manager.
  • SmallRoomSmallReward — Unlocks: $1,200, AdTokens, Pair of Pants, Shirt.

Gas Station Simulator Codes (Expired)

These are all the expired Gas Station Simulator codes.

  • There are no expired codes for Gas Station Simulator.

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How to Redeem Codes in Gas Station Simulator

Follow these instructions to redeem codes in Gas Station Simulator.

  1. Launch Gas Station Simulator on Roblox.
  2. In the overworld, click the CODES button in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Input the codes in the space provided, and click COLLECT to redeem rewards.

How Can You Get More Gas Station Simulator Codes?

According to developer Blox Studio, joining their communication channels is the best method to finding new codes for Gas Station Simulator. You can choose to follow them on Twitter, join their Discord server, and/or join their group on Roblox! To join their Roblox group, click that link, then click JOIN GROUP near the developer’s name and member count.

Why Are My Gas Station Simulator Codes Not Working?

If you’re trying to input Gas Station Simulator codes, but they aren’t working as intended, there are a couple of things you can try. For starters, make double — nigh, triple — sure you’re inputting codes correctly. It can help to copy them directly from this page and paste them into the box, thus eliminating user error. If you’re already doing this and the codes still aren’t working, they could be expired.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Gas Station Simulator

It doesn’t seem like there are many additional free rewards in Gas Station Simulator, but this game does have something we haven’t seen a lot of, and that’s what we’ll call ‘freemium‘ items. To elaborate, you can earn items called AdTokens — some of which can be earned by using these codes — that are ordinarily earned by looking at ad screens in your station. If you use AdTokens, you can take advantage of features that would otherwise be exclusive to paid players, like becoming a manager. But, to avoid people taking advantage of this system, you can only earn an AdToken by looking at an ad screen every five minutes.

What is Gas Station Simulator?

Gas Station Simulator is an experience developed by Blox Studio for the Roblox platform. In the game, players can fulfill the illustrious role of gas station employee. Take on the responsibilities of a Clerk, a Janitor, or, perhaps even the Manager as you raise your station into a truly formidable business. Earn a paycheck that can then be used to upgrade select items and tools in your store. What’s more, you can invite up to 14 friends to join your gas station quest!

If you’re looking for more codes and/or guides for Roblox games, then why not check out our dedicated Roblox section? And, while you’re at it, consider taking a look at our other, non-Roblox offerings? At the same time, bookmark Gamer Journalist and check back regularly to make us your one stop for all things gaming!

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