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Returnal cheat codes and commands list

Returnal cheat codes and commands list

Sometimes when you play through a game, complete all the tasks, and finish all the quests, putting in some cheat codes is a fun way to get some more replay value out of it. Such is the case with Sony’s third-person roguelike Returnal. Now, you’ll need some special equipment to enter these “cheat,” but it’s something a lot of people already have lying around the house. Here’s a complete list of Returnal cheat codes and commands, which will give you some free weapons and other goodies.

Some players might not consider these the classic definition of cheats, as they are more developer debug mechanics, but that’s what cheat essentially are, no? Either way, cheat codes these days are nothing like the good old days, is what some old angry gamer like myself might say. You’re going to need a USB keyboard to use these Returnal cheat codes. Grab one and plug it into the ports on your PS5. We recommend only using these once you’ve already thoroughly beat the game, but really, do whatever you want.

Returnal cheat codes and commands list

Here is a list of Returnal cheat codes and commands:

  • SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+1: Drops different weapons for your current level. You can use numbers 1 through 0 for other weapons.
  • SHIFT+CONTROL+4: Takes you back to the ship with all your items. You can buy new stuff at the shop after respawning.
  • SHIFT+CONTROL+8: Go to the start of biome 3. 

Essentially, what you can do here is start up the game and then pick your weapon along with the perks and attributes. Level up your weapon proficiency and then drop a weapon for an upgraded version of it. Reach the shop, buy upgrades, artifacts, or anything else, and then respawn again until you like your overall build.

There’s a decent chance a patch may phase these cheats out, but they’re pretty cool to explore while they last. It’s just another fun thing to do after you’ve already had your fun playing through everything there is to do in Returnal. If you have a USB keyboard, that is.

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