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Remnant: From the Ashes Traits List

Remnant: From the Ashes traits are passive abilities that can be leveled up 20 times before maxing out. They will each provide a unique bonus to your character, helping you progress through more difficult dungeons.

Once you unlock a trait, it is forever available on that character through the Trait menu (T) in game. Your trait level signifies your overall level, and it just a total of all trait points added up.

Killing monsters and completing dungeons will grant your experience points to level up your traits. Items like Tome of Knowledge can also be found, which grant 1 Trait point each time you find one. To level up quicker, use items like Sage Ring and Elder Knowledge trait to increase the amount of experience you gain.

Remnant: From the Ashes Traits

Vigor – Flat health +

Vigor is a default starting trait for all classes/paths.

Endurance – Flat Stamina +

Endurance is a default starting trait for all classes/paths.

Warrior – % Increase Melee Damage

Warrior is a default starting straight for scrapper. It also has a random chance to be found in a dungeon where you defend the Liz Twins. Completing the quest rewards you the Warrior trait.

Spirit – % Mod Generation increase

Spirit is a default Ex-Cultist starting trait. You can also obtain it through a random chance dungeon on Earth. Look for the Monkey Key and a door inside the dungeon. The trait will be granted when you go inside.

Shadow Walker – Enemy Awareness -%

Shadow Walker is a default Hunter starting trait. You can also find it through a random chance dungeon on Earth. Inside the dungeon, a sick NPC will give you a key. Use the key to open a door in a safehouse to obtain the trait.

Teamwork – Teamwork Range Flat Increase

To obtain the Teamwork trait, simply join a multiplayer game.

Elder Knowledge – % Exp Increase

The Elder Knowledge trait is found within Ward 13. You will find it as you make your way to find the SMG. Take the keycard to floor B2 in Ward 13, go through the door and you will see Elder Knowledge sitting on a table on the right room.

Exploiter – Weak Point Damage % Increase

To obtain Exploiter you must kill 150 enemies with Weak Point damage. There may be a bug in multiplayer where only the host unlocks this trait.

Mother’s Blessing – % Ranged Damage Taken Reduced

To obtain this trait you must complete the quest to free the Root Mother. After doing so you will automatically unlock Mother’s Blessing.

Scavenger – Scrap Boost % Increase

Scavenger is obtained by giving Reggie the Tarnished ring. It can also be obtained by collecting Scrap, but the exact number is unknown.

Cold as Ice – % Backstab Damage Increase

Upon meeting Brabus, he will offer you a deal to kill your friend(s) in 50 seconds if you are in a multiplayer lobby. You must do so to obtain this trait.

Keeper’s Blessing – % Elemental Resistance Increase

To unlock Keeper’s Blessing simply enter the Labyrinth.

World Walker – Stamina Cost % Decrease

Entering Rhom will unlock the World Walker trait.

Recovery – Stamina Regen and Delay % Increase

To obtain the Recovery trait, you must beat Claviger in Rhom.

Handling – Gun Spread and Recoil % Decrease

Obtain ten different ranged weapons to unlock the Handling trait.

Glutton – Consumable Use Speed % Increase

Defeat the Unclean One to obtain Glutton.

Catalyst – Proc Chance % Increase

Defeat Thrall or Canker to unlock the Catalyst trait.

Executioner – Crit Chance Bonus % Increase

Defeat IXILLUS in Corsus to unlock Executioner.

Triage – % Health Regen Effectiveness Increase

To obtain Triage, you must survive the battle between the two tribes on Yaesha. It is given to you by an NPC after the battle.

Kingslayer – % Critical Damage Increase

Defeat the Undying King to unlock Kingslayer trait.

Will to Live – Wounded Health % Increase

You must be revived 10 times in multiplayer to unlock the Will to Live trait.

Arcane Strike – % Melee Mod Power Increase

Defeat the Totem Father or The Ravager to unlock Arcane Strike trait.

Mind’s Eye – % Ranged Damage Bonus Increase

Mind’s Eye can be obtained by defeating The Dreamer/Nightmare final boss.

Bark Skin – Armor % Increase

The Bark Skin trait can be obtained by talking to the Living Tree on Earth with the Twisted Mask equipped.

Revivalist – Revive Speed % Increase

Revive your allies multiple times in multiplayer games to unlock the Revivalist trait.

Guardian’s Blessing – Reduced Melee Damage Taken

Guardian’s Blessing is unlocked in the Dungeon you open by using the Curio. Get the boss to 50% HP and he will run away to kill the merchant selling the Radiant armor. Kill the root monster to unlock this trait.

Quick Hands – Weapon Reload Speed % increase

Kill either the Ent or Singe to unlock Quick Hands trait.

Trigger Happy – % Fire Rate Increase

Trigger Happy can be obtained by upgrading any non-boss ranged weapon to +20.

Rapid Strike – % Melee Attack Speed Increase

Level any non-boss melee weapon to +20 to unlock Rapid Strike trait.

Suspicion – % Reduced Friendly Fire Damage Taken

Being downed by your teammates 10 times unlocks the Suspicion trait. You can farm this unlock in Ward 13 with a friend.

Swiftness – % Movement Speed Increase

Swiftness can be unlocked by playing the Guardian Song on ANY bells in Yaesha but skipping the second line.

Yaesha song of guardian

Sleight of Hand – % Weapon Swap Speed Increase

To unlock Sleight of Hand, get 100 kills with 10 different Weapons for a total of 1000 kills. You must do this all within the same campaign.

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