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Remnant: From the Ashes Bosses and Loot

Remnant: From the Ashes Bosses and Loot

Remnant: From the Ashes is proving to be one of the most successful game launches of 2019. With concurrent players on the rise, Gunfire Games is hard at work making improvements to the game.

The game utilizes procedural generation for its dungeon layouts. This means that each players will have a unique layout. If you get bored of the world you rolled, you have the option to re-roll a completely new ones. Different worlds have the chance to spawn different bosses.

There are currently a little over 30 bosses in the game. Here’s the ultimate list of Remnant: From the Ashes Bosses and Loot.

Boss NameLocationNormal DropCrafted Item
GorefistEarthFlesh BarbMantle of Thorns [Mod]
ShroudEarthShadewoodRattle Weed [Mod]
The ManglerEarthHollow SeedSeed Caller [Mod]
EntEarthSpore GlandSporebloom [Long Gun]
SingeEarthBlazing HeartSpitfire [Handgun]
BrabusEarthShrapnel ShardExplosive Shot [Mod]
Maul (The Pack)RhomHound ChokerHowler’s Immunity [Mod]
Shatter and ShadeRhomBlack TearVeil of the Black Tear [Mod]
Ancient ContructRhomAncient CoreIron Sentinel [Mod]
RazeRhomSentinel ShardBeckon [Mod]
ScourgeRhomRadioactive SkullBreath of the Desert [Mod]
ClavigerRhomStone of the GuardianWorld Breaker [Melee]
HarrowRhomThermal GeodeDefiler [Handgun]
Undying KingRhomRiven [Melee]N/A
The Unclean OneCorsusUnclean HeartDevastator [Long Gun]
The ThrallCorsusSwarm TuskSwarm [Mod]
CankerCorsusSlime VesselCorrosive Aura [Mod]
IXILLUSCorsusHive StoneHive Cannon [Handgun]
Root HorrorYaeshaGuardian Ring [Ring]N/A
Blink ThiefYaeshaRicochet Rifle [Long Gun]N/A
Sear and ScaldYaeshaZephyr’s ConduitWildfire Shot [Mod]
StormcallerYaeshaStorm CrystalStorm Caller [Mod]
OnslaughtYaeshaBlink Spear ShardBlink Token [Mod]
ReanimatorYaeshaSoul Anchor [Amulet]N/A
The WardenYaeshaKin Callers BellSong of Swords [Mod]
Totem FatherYaeshaTotem AntlerEye of the Storm [Long Gun]
The RavagerYaeshaTentacle PodCurse of the Jungle God [Handgun]
Dreamer/NightmareWard 17Dreamer’s ManaRepulsor [Long Gun]
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