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Red Alert 2 Fan-made Expansion “Mental Omega” Released

Red Alert 2 Fan-made Expansion "Mental Omega" Released

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is one of the most successful and beloved strategy games ever made. Even though it came out all the way back in 2000 and looks a bit low-tech by today’s standards, it’s still widely played and enjoyed to this day. It’s even still played online thanks to dedicated server site CnCNet. While folks probably don’t need a reason to keep playing Red Alert 2, there is certainly a good one to do so now: the Red Alert 2 fan-made expansion “Mental Omega” has finally been released in full.

Mental Omega first began development and circulation on the ModDB listings back in 2006, and it simply never stopped growing, though it did go dormant for a while. It’s last major update was in 2016 with version 3.3, and after that, they went radio silent until now. This week, though, the mod’s developers released version 3.3.6, the final, complete version of Mental Omega, and holy moly is there a lot of content in there.

Red Alert 2 Fan-made Expansion “Mental Omega” Released

In the most concise terms I can manage, Mental Omega adds the following content to Red Alert 2:

  • Over 100 new campaign missions
  • New factions and subfactions
  • 36 co-op missions
  • 22 Challenge mode missions
  • New skirmish maps and modes
  • Rerecorded soundtrack
  • Overhauled audio and visual effects
  • Engine and gameplay improvements

There’s a whole lotta hay in that stack, and if it sounds appealing to you, then good news: it’s all free. Mental Omega can be downloaded completely for free off the mod-makers’ website and installed on any copy of Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge. The mod is also fully supported by CnCNet, so you can play online with anyone else who has the mod installed. 

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