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Preview: Discolored 2 Offers Inventive Puzzles

A colorless world.

Do you have the blues? What about the grays? What would a world be like without color? Worse, what if there was an evil organization trying to make the whole world color blind? Discolored 2 picks up after the first installment and promises everything fans expect from the moody puzzle adventure, only this time bigger and better. Gamer Journalist had the chance to go hands-on with Discolored 2 and color us impressed.

Discolored 2 wears its noir influences well. There is a woman in red after all, who may be only hope in stopping this whole mess. The game’s art style reminded us of something out of Bioshock or Deathloop. There’s an archaic retro feel to the world around you that’s instantly charming and feels lived in. Taking place in first person, players will get an up-close vantage. But Discolored 2 has a charm all of its own in part due to its color mechanics.

Discolored 2 Offers Inventive Puzzles

It’s up to players to set the world right and solve the mystery behind the game’s central storyline. To do so, you must think with your brains and not your brawn. Players shouldn’t expect action-packed shoot-em-ups. Instead, most of the game involves around trying to make sense of its sometimes complex puzzles. Using color prisms, players can quite literally change their environment, which often reveals clues and solutions. Meanwhile, sometimes it’s necessary to remove color, therefore opening up a new path to follow.

It remains to be seen how the final game will incorporate this mechanic, but this little slice already has us excited about Discolored 2’s potential. Using color, players will scan the environment and try to figure out their way forward. Players will also discover more about their mission and the world they inhabit. Discolored 2’s puzzles can be challenging, requiring you to scan and search nearly every corner of the level, but overall, they didn’t feel too complex to take away from the game’s charm.

Discolored 2 is developed by Godbey Games. It releases in 2023.

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