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Pokemon Sword & Shield Zarude Revealed

The Official Pokemon YouTube channel introduced the world to Zarude, the Rogue Monkey Pokemon, in Pokemon Sword and Shield today. This new Mythical Pokemon will play a big role in the new Pokemon movie coming out later this year.

Zarude is a Dark and Grass-type Pokemon with the Leaf Guard ability, which prevents him from being affected by status conditions when the battlefield conditions are Sunny.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Zarude Revealed

Zarude loves to swing around on trees and branches, attack with its sharp claws, and will easily excel in battles. Check him out on the official trailer from the Pokemon YouTube Channel.

Not many details are known outside of its type and Leaf Guard ability. The only thing we know so far is Zarude will not be obtainable through traditional Sword and Shield gameplay. This means it is likely he’ll be part of a special upcoming event.

In the meantime, you can participate in the Max Raid event for a limited time in Sword and Shield and encounter the Legendary Mewtwo. Get some amazing rewards if you can defeat the raid! You have until March 1, 3:59 PM PT to try your luck.

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