Pokemon Go Remote Raid Bosses for April 2020

As you become a more powerful trainer in Pokemon Go, Raids become an important aspect of the game. You unlock this feature at Pokemon Go Trainer Level 5, and will then be able to participate in Raid Battles. These typically take place at various Pokemon Gyms around the world throughout the day.

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Each Raid Battle has what’s known as a raid boss, that your team will have to work together to bring down. Our guide takes a look at all the Current Raid Bosses, along with some additional information.

Pokemon Go Remote Raid Passes

Niantic added Remote Raid Passes into the game, which allows trainers to participate in raids from the comfort of their own home. This feature was added in response to the current world events preventing people from going outdoors and traveling to the gym locations.

You can raid at any Pokestop that’s ‘nearby’ your current location. Raid Passes are currently set to be obtained for 1 Pokecoin, with each additional Remote Raid Pass costing 100 Pokecoins.

Current Raid Bosses for Landorus Debut

Here’s a list of all the current Raid Bosses for Landorus’ Debut, which included information about each Tier and some additional stats. Ice and Water-type Pokemon are effective against Landorus.

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PokemonRaid TierTypeCP
Alolan Vulpix*1Ice463-504
Sneasel*2Dark / Ice1107-1172
Mantine2Water / Flying1139-1204
Alolan Raichu*3Electric / Psychic1238-1306
Starmie3Water / Psychic1404-1476
Crawdaunt3Water / Dark1342-1413
Abomasnow3Grass / Ice1281-1349
Poliwrath4Water / Fighting1405-1477
Alolan Marowak*4Fire / Ghost988-1048
Lapras4Water / Ice1435-1509
Landorus5Ground / Flying1965-2050
* designates a chance at Shiny variation

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