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Pokemon GO Psychic Weakness

Learn all the Psychic weaknesses and counters in Pokemon GO.
Pokemon GO Psychic Weakness
Image via Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Since the very first generation of Pokemon, Psychic types have been one of the most powerful and intimidating types around. It makes sense; you can have your giant dragons and big rocky creatures and whatnot, but you can’t beat the raw destructive potential of a thing that can beat you up without actually touching you. Even so, Psychic types are not invulnerable. Just like all other Pokemon types, they’ve got weaknesses, and if you can exploit them, you’ll stand a fighting chance. Here are the Psychic weaknesses in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Psychic Weakness

Pure Psychic types, which is to say a Pokemon with just Psychic typing and nothing else, have three weaknesses and two resistances. Psychic types are weak against Bug types, Ghost types, and Dark types, and are resistant to Fighting types and other Psychic types. Here’s a handy mnemonic device to remember this: Psychic types are weak against things that people are afraid of, i.e. bugs, ghosts, and the dark, and they’re resistant to things that can’t pierce a forcefield like punches and other forcefields.

If you’re looking for ideal counters for pure Psychic type Pokemon, you definitely want to go with Ghost or Dark types over Bug types, as Ghost and Dark type Pokemon tend to have higher damage-dealing potential on average. Dark types in particular are also extremely resilient against Psychic moves. 

For Ghost types, the classic counterpicks remain Chandelure and Gengar as they have the highest and second-highest base attack stats of all Ghost types, respectively. Keep in mind, though, that Gengar’s partial Poison typing does make it weak to Psychic moves. For Dark types, Zoroark and Weavile are your guys, both packing respectable damage potential with the added bonus of Psychic resistance.

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