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Grimer Weaknesses and Counters in Pokémon GO

Grimer Weaknesses and Counters in Pokémon GO

Here’s a fun fact: despite their extremely foul appearance, smell, and general composition, Grimer are actually rather friendly Pokémon. They love giving their Trainers hugs, though more often than not, this results in either suffocation or fatal poisoning. Perhaps before you attempt to raise a Grimer yourself, you should make sure you know how to properly handle one. Here are Grimer’s weaknesses and counters in Pokémon GO.

Grimer is a pure Poison type, which means its resistances break down like this:

  • Weak against: Ground, Psychic
  • Resistant to: Fighting, Poison, Bug, Grass, Fairy

Meanwhile, Grimer is packing the following moves in its kit:

Quick Moves

  • Poison Jab (Poison)
  • Mud Slap (Ground)

Main Moves

  • Sludge (Poison)
  • Sludge Bomb (Poison)
  • Mud Bomb (Ground)

Grimer Weaknesses and Counters in Pokémon GO

Outside of special encounters such as the Team GO Rocket admins or other noteworthy events, Grimers aren’t particularly hearty or powerful Pokémon. Neither its Poison or Ground moves are super effective against the Pokémon with types it’s weak against, so as long as you’re using either a Psychic or Ground Pokémon, Grimer can’t really do much to stop you.

While a top-tier Pokémon is hardly necessary for dealing with a lone Grimer, if you’re in a rush and need one toppled quickly, the Pokémon that could make the shortest work of it would definitely be powerful Psychic types. Alakazam’s raw DPS, attained through moves like Confusion and Psychic, will get the job done just fine. If Legendaries are on the table, and you have no qualms about overkill, a Mewtwo packing Confusion and Psytrike can absolutely brutalize a Grimer. Hopefully, after you beat a Grimer in a raid and catch it, you’ll be a little nicer to it than you were during the fight.

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