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Nintendo Ramps Up Switch Production

The Nintendo Switch is one console that has been hard to find in recent days. Nintendo is currently working on ramping up its production of Nintendo Switch units to keep up with the demand, according to a Nikkei report.

Switch consoles have been out of stock at many retailers dating back to mid-February. There are a few different reasons for the surge in demand, but the main cause is likely the fact that many countries are ordering their citizens to remain inside.

Additionally, Animal Crossing New Horizons has been a massively popular release for Nintendo so that is certainly driving sales as well.

Nintendo could not have possibly anticipated this demand surge and has been struggling to keep the highly sought after video game console in stock.

According to the report, Nintendo is aiming to ramp up production by 10% from April through June. Nintendo has not released any official production numbers.

“We can’t forecast exactly how many Switches can be supplies,” said a Nintendo representative. People looking to get their hands on a Switch may have to wait a couple of months before they can easily do so.

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