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NBA 2K22 First Features Announcement

NBA 2K22 First Features Announcement

While 2K Sports is still likely saving many of the specifics for later on in the timeline leading up to the launch of NBA 2K22, the company did reveal some details of what fans can expect in terms of changes to the newest installment of the popular gaming franchise. Below we have compiled everything we’ve learned from the big 2K Sports announcement regarding NBA 2K22’s first features. 

NBA 2K22 First Features Announcement

In terms of gameplay, there is still much to be determined, but it seems as though NBA 2K22 has vastly improved its MyCareer mode, as well as ‘The City’, ‘MyTeam’, and in-game seasons. 

The City

The City has easily received the biggest resurgence with a brand-new layout including additional NPCs and more interactable buildings. You’ll also notice that there are far more players wandering around ‘The City’ than in previous versions, as the MyCareer on new-gen models will be set within ‘The City. This all comes as welcome news for players, as the additional interaction and NPCs should create for a far more engaging and in-depth feel to the game. 

The City will also have matchmaking options where you can select from 1v1 and 3v3 against other players (or against the computer), which should allow players to get into matches much faster. Plus, the new version of “The Neighborhood” will be set on the decks of a cruise ship, allowing players to even get off the boat and visit the different locations available (some of which include Egypt and Iceland…). 


In terms of MyCareer, it seems to be moving past the classic cinematic cut-scenes we’ve all come to know in exchange for a more open-world concept with various quests scattered throughout The City. By combining the two popular modes, fans will feel more drawn to the process of turning your MyPlayer’s modest apartment into a penthouse suite and improving their skills through interactive quests in The City. 

The developers also stated how the multiple additions to MyCareer would allow players to extend their careers off the court, like getting involved with things such as music and fashion. Ultimately, the goal is to give players more control over how they want to live out their pro basketball career.  


2K Sports has promised an ‘evolved’ experience designed to give players additional control over team building, including a new and improve Draft mode. In this, players can choose their entire lineup and select from a group of players that will be updated consistently throughout the season. 

In-Game Seasons

Like a variety of other games, NBA 2K22 focuses on continuous, ongoing, seasonable content to keep players engaged throughout the year. In 2021, it appears that Seasons are game-wide, spanning multiple modes so that the game around you will constantly evolve as you progress through NBA 2K22. 


Even while 2K sports has been relatively quiet in terms of gameplay improvements, there has been mention of a revamped defense for more user-rewarded blocks, steals, and shot contests. The new gameplay design is set up to reward player IQ, stick skills, and remove any sense of doubt by giving players more control of any given outcome. 

As it stands, NBA 2K22 is slated to release on September 10th, and we can’t wait to hear what else is in store for launch. 

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