MLB The Show 22 - Who Are The Best Spring Cleanup Bosses?
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MLB The Show 22 – Who Are The Best Spring Cleanup Bosses?

Read on to discover who the best Spring Cleanup Bosses are in MLB The Show 22!
MLB The Show 22 Faces of the Franchise

Major League Baseball is officially in full swing, and MLB The Show 22 is celebrating in various ways. One of which is with their new Diamond Dynasty program: Spring Cleanup.

As part of this new program (which is running until May 20th), players will have the opportunity to claim tons of rewards. Including the chance to pick between one of five legendary Diamond Dynasty player cards. 

Here are the five Spring Cleanup bosses you should target in MLB The Show 22. 

MLB The Show 22 – Who Are the Best Spring Cleanup Bosses?

Five 93 OVR bosses have been featured as part of MLB The Show 22’s Spring Cleanup program in Diamond Dynasty mode. Each with varying statistics and therefore, advantages.

Here are the best Spring Cleanup bosses in MLB The Show 22. 

#1 – Zach Britton (CP), Baltimore Orioles

Not only is Zach Britton one of the best Spring Cleanup bosses, but he’s arguably one of the best CP cards in MLB The Show 22. With the former Orioles’ star bolstering a ridiculous 120 H/9, and a deadly sinker-slider combo. Not to mention a 125 Clutch Pitching rating, as well as a 99 rating in both Velocity and Break. Making Zach Britton the only must-own player of the bunch. 

#2 – David Justice (LF) – New York Yankees

David Justice’s Spring Cleanup card celebrates his incredible 2000 season. In which he hit 20 home runs and posted a .305/.391/.585 in the final 78 games of the season. As a result, his MLB The Show 22 card carries extraordinarily powerful stats on par with other elite left-fielders in the game. Including a 108 in left-handed power, and a 104 in left-handed contact. Showcasing truly exceptional numbers against lefties, in particular. Though still proving to be more than reliable against right-handed pitchers as well.  

#3 – Ernie Banks (SS) – Chicago Cubs

As a 14-time All-Star, two-time NL MVP, and the first African-American player in Chicago Cubs history. Ernie Banks is a true legend of the game. So, it’s fantastic to see him rewarded as one of the Spring Cleanup bosses in MLB The Show 22. Obviously, his contact (116), and power (87) against lefties stand out the most, but he also carries a 104 Clutch rating, and a 98 Durability rating. Not to mention complete defensive stats with an 81 Fielding, an 82 Arm Strength, and a 78 Reaction Speed. Instantly making him one of the best shortstops in baseball. 

#4 – Tom Seaver (SP) – New York Mets

Since Tom Seaver is the only starter in this group of Spring Cleanup bosses, it’s easy to naturally gravitate towards his talents on the diamond. With a 95 mph four-seam fastball, and an insane 86 mph slider with a 92 Break, Seaver comes with a solid arsenal of pitches. While the rest of his stats may not blow you away, the Mets legend still presents reasonable value at this point. 

#5 – Eddie Mathews (3B) – Atlanta Braves

Eddie Mathews has everything you could want in a third baseman. Not only does he have a 109 against lefties and a 94 against righties. But he’s also got a Discipline rating of 105, a Clutch rating of 96, and a durability rating of 95. Despite carrying all-around great stats, and offering tons of upside. His unorthodox swing could take some time to get used to, and there’s likely to be more immediate value found in the other Spring Cleanup bosses. Such as the other left-handed batter, David Justice

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