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When is the Mario Party Superstars Release Date?

When is the Mario Party Superstars Release Date?

The original Mario Party released on the Nintendo 64 in 1998. Board game video games were nothing new at the time, having been a thing since the Atari days, but there was something different about this series. It was vibrant, colorful, fun, and of course, unforgivingly brutal. I knew more than one kid who messed their hands up something awful on that wind-up Shy Guy minigame. It’s those qualities that I hope will be properly represented in Mario Party Superstars, a remake of prominent boards and minigames from across the Mario Party series. So, when is the Mario Party Superstars release date?

Nintendo was pretty forthcoming with general details about Mario Party Superstars when they first announced the game during their E3 Nintendo Direct presentation a couple of weeks ago. While we don’t know precisely how much vintage content Mario Party Superstars will include at the moment, we do have a features list, including the release date.

When is the Mario Party Superstars Release Date?

Mario Party Superstars will launch on the Nintendo Switch in both physical and digital formats on October 29th, 2021. 

In addition to the legacy content, Mario Party Superstars features some handy quality-of-life fixes, such as automatic saves after every turn on the board, local and online multiplayer functionality for all included game modes, simple button controls for minigames, enabling play with Joy-Cons, Pro Controllers, or on a Switch Lite, and in-game stickers for praising (or annoying) your fellow players/competitors. 

The game is slated to include five boards from past games and over 100 minigames from across the entire series (the majority of which seem to be from the Nintendo 64 and early GameCube games, thank goodness). No word yet on whether any additional content will come post-launch. 

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