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Lost Ark Daily Checklist for Materials

Get more honing materials by completing the tasks in our Lost Ark daily checklist
Lost Ark Daily Checklist for Materials

A major focus in any MMORPG is getting your character’s gear level as high as possible. If you want to be the strongest, the only way to do that in Lost Ark is by accumulating massive amounts of materials. There is no shortage of methods to use to farm materials, so you won’t have to worry about getting bored. The wide array of tasks and events can make it a bit confusing for new players, though. If you’re wondering what to focus on, we’ve made this guide to help you out.

With so much endgame content, it can be challenging to develop a Lost Ark daily checklist. Below, we’ve listed out every task you can do daily (or weekly) to maximize the materials you get. If you don’t know where to begin after hitting level 50, this should help you out. Materials are the main thing you will need in Lost Ark to push your item level higher. Consider setting up a routine that’s comfortable for you by using some or all of the tasks below.

Lost Ark Daily Checklist

Here is a list of tasks you should do every day in Lost Ark.

Daily Per Character

  • Chaos Dungeon x2
  • Guardian Raid x2
  • Una’s Daily Task x3
  • Kalthertz Island Slaves x5
  • Voyage Co-Op Missions
  • Guild Donations

Daily Per Account

  • Adventure Island x1
  • World Boss x1
  • Chaos Gate x1
  • Sailing Co-Op Mission x1
  • Upgrade Stronghold
  • Stronghold Dispatch Missions
  • Trade Skills Depletion
  • Rapport Emote x5
  • Rapport Song x5

Weekly Tasks

  • Una’s Weekly Tasks x3
  • Abyss Raid — Mystic, Kaishur, Argos
  • Infinite Chaos Dungeon vendor
  • Merchant Ship Material Upgrades
  • Ghost Ship

Una’s Tasks

The first thing to do is set up your daily and weekly tasks. You can open up Una’s or Epona’s Requests tab by pressing ALT+J. Accept the tasks that reward the materials you currently need. For example, Citrine Shards and Harmony Shards are in high demand, so you’ll probably want to focus on those quests. Remember to do this both for Daily and Weekly tasks. You can do three daily tasks per day, and three weekly tasks per week.

Lost Ark - Una's Tasks

Daily Events in Lost Ark

On the top left of your screen, you should see an alarm clock icon that tracks all of the upcoming daily events. You can click on that and plan your upcoming island events, chaos rifts, field bosses, and other things. Completing this is an easy way to get free materials and other items. 

Remember to open Procyon’s Compass by clicking on the button to the far-right underneath the minimap. Make sure to read through the Adventure Islands tasks. Occasionally, you can find some tasks that reward a nice amount of gold that can be helpful.

Lost Ark Procyon's Compass

Guild Donations

A good way to get some easy materials is through donating to the guild. You can press the ALT+U key to open the guild tab, and then tap on the Guild Support button on the bottom right of the menu. From there, you can donate Silver to get Silmael Crystals. The Crystals can be exchanged at the guild vendor when it’s researched.

Stronghold Research

Another thing some players forget about is Stronghold Research. You can visit your stronghold and press CTRL+1 to open the menu. Begin by starting any research you have available and pay attention to how long each one takes so you can time it for your play schedule. 

Next, go to the Headquarters tab and do the Regular missions. You can send your crew members out on missions to passively obtain some rewards and level up your estate. A higher-level estate will let you easily farm life skills and upgrade materials.

Pirate Coins

Another great way to get materials is by using Pirate Coins. You can check out our guide on where to get Pirate Coins and then exchange them with merchant ships for honing materials. Visit any merchant ship, go to the Miscellaneous tab, and get what you need. Materials are fairly cheap, so if you have been farming Pirate Coins, there’s a good chance you can pick up a fair number of materials.

Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons are another staple to any Lost Ark daily checklist. You can solo these or join the matchmaking queue to bang these out quickly every day. Do the same on your alt characters, and send the materials to your shared account storage to pool them to your main. You can do two runs per day. However, you can continue farming them for materials. You can then trade these materials in for honing materials from the vendor.

Guardian Raids

Like Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids is another task you can do twice daily. It’s important to only do up to the max level of Guardian Raids you can without wasting too much time. For example, if you have trouble pushing the max level Guardian Raids, you can simply take it down a notch to one that you can easily complete. The rewards are not too much less, and your efficiency will be much higher that way.

Abyssal Dungeons

Remember to complete Abyssal Dungeons whenever possible. You can get materials from these, which you can then trade in for powerful gear. The gear you receive will stick with you for a long time, so take advantage of this if you haven’t already because the stats are nice to have. However, you will need a solid group for this, and matchmaking can be hit or miss.

PVP Rewards

If you’re someone who enjoys doing some PVP, you can press ALT+K to open the PVP Information tab. From there, you can claim a weekly number of rewards. You can go to the PVP Vendor in any major city and exchange the PVP tokens for materials by going to the Resource tab. Again, this is weekly per server, so you can claim these once per week if you do PVP.

In closing, remember to always upgrade your gear when possible! You can transfer your gear item level to a new piece of gear with better stats when you finally find one. Hopefully, our Lost Ark daily checklist helps you out if you just reached endgame and have no idea what to do next. For other guides and content, you can check our Lost Ark section.

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