Best Life Simulator Games on iOS and Android

Best Life Simulator Games on iOS and Android

A collection of fun life simulator games similar to BitLife on iOS and Android

Life simulator games have always been relatively popular since the creation of the Sims. Maxis and Electronic Arts made it clear that there’s a vast market of people who enjoy the relaxed sandbox experience these games deliver. That said, these types of games have been growing in popularity on mobile devices over the past few years. If you’ve heard of BitLife, you know what we mean.

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While the most popular life simulator game at the time of writing is BitLife, there are many similar games available for Android and iOS that are worth checking out. Below, we have a list of the best life simulator games on mobile if you’re looking for something new. We’ll also break down each of these games to explain the best features of each for you.

Best Life Simulator Games on Mobile

Here are the top life simulator games for iOS and Android:

  1. BitLife
  2. AltLife
  3. Realistic Life Simulator
  4. Another Life Simulator
  5. Life Simulator 3


Best Life Simulator Games on iOS and Android - BitLife

BitLife is the most popular life simulator game on the market. However, with a lack of updates and more paid DLC releases, many players are looking to explore some other alternatives out there. Regardless, if you’ve never played BitLife, it’s definitely one you need to check out if you’re into this genre of games. They more or less pioneered the genre, and it can be a blast despite its faults. The developers also release weekly BitLife challenges for players to put their skills to the test and compete with others around the world.


Best Life Simulator Games on iOS and Android - AltLife

AltLife is a life simulator game that’s currently only available on Android. It’s a game that still feels like a work-in-progress, as you may encounter some missing features. However, it does include features not available in any other life simulator. You can purchase your own in-game smartphone, which you can purchase to access InstaFame (Instagram simulator) and Crypto Trading.

Realistic Life Simulator

Best Life Simulator Games on iOS and Android - Realistic Life Simulator

Realistic Life Simulator is very feature-rich, with tons of unique things to keep you busy. It also includes unique things like going to space, managing recurring subscriptions (gym membership, etc.), learning languages, and working a wide array of jobs. A big plus is that there are a very minimal amount of ads, and there’s nothing hidden behind a paywall. Given that it’s available on both iOS and Android, this is one we’d recommend giving a shot.

Another Life

Best Life Simulator Games on iOS and Android - Another Life Simulator

Another Life is one of the more innovative life simulator games on our list. You can do things like become a CEO and run a business and operate a mob syndicate/crime organization. We haven’t seen these features in any other life simulator games, so that’s a big plus. However, overall, there are not that many things to do in this game. That said, it’s definitely looking promising as long as the developers don’t give up on it. There are ads in this game, but you can bypass them if you want to switch over to airplane mode.

Life Simulator 3

Best Life Simulator Games on iOS and Android - Life Simulator 3

Life Simulator 3 is a life simulator game, but it’s geared more towards casual players. If you’ve ever played an idle game, it has a lot of features you may recognize. You can do things like invest in stocks and get passive income forever and auto-upload videos to your vlog. Lots of the features revolve around your finances, so if that’s something you enjoy, this game may be for you. The ads are very minimal, which is a big plus, but you can choose to watch some if you want to fast-forward. There’s also nothing paywalled, but there are some microtransactions you can purchase if you want.

That’s our list of best life simulator games like BitLife for Android and iOS. Give them a shot and see what you like best. There are definitely some promising up-and-comers that could give BitLife a run for their money!

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