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Is PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatible?

Recent news confirming PlayStation 5 has been buzzing, and it looks like we can expect a release before the 2020 holidays. The announcement comes with a lot of questions, like the price point, and most importantly, backwards compatibility.

The company announced it will be making changes to the controller for PS5, most notably in the rumble technology it uses to provide more feedback. Adaptive triggers will also allow gamers to program the trigger resistance on the L2 and R2 buttons so you can customize it to your liking.

Earlier this year, Sony has revealed other information about the PS5 like eight-core CPU, custom GPU based on AMD Radeon Navi hardware, 8K gaming, and an overall lower power consumption. All this sounds great, but what about backwards compatbility?

Is Playstation 5 Backwards Compatible?

Yes, PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible, but only with PlayStation 4. While this is great news, it’s a bit disappointing for PlayStation 3 fans. PlayStation 3 had completely different hardware, which is why you most likely won’t see any backwards compatibility there.

Considering PlayStation 5 will be on the same architecture as PlayStation 4, there is no surprise that backwards compatibility will be a thing. While there’s no official word, we find it highly unlikely there will be backwards compatibility for PlayStation 3.

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