Hybrid Flowers Guide for Animal Crossing New Horizons

Hybrid Flowers Chart Combinations for Animal Crossing New Horizons

This guide explores the different hybrid flower combinations in Animal Crossing New Horizons. There are eight different species of flowers throughout the game, including Tulips, Roses, Mums, Windflowers, Hyacinths, Lillies, Cosmos, and Pansies. Within each species, you can make hybrid colors by combining different basic colors together.

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Hybrid flower colors include purple, pink, black, blue, and orange. Not only are these hybrid flowers aesthetically pleasing, but they can potentially lure rare bugs and be used as ingredients for crafting recipes.

Hybrid Flowers Guide

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will have a native flower to your island located on the cliffs. You can purchase these flowers from the shop, and more types of flowers will become available after building Nook’s Cranny. Traveling to other islands can help you expand your flower selection.

You can also crossbreed and grow hybrid flower colors in this game. If you want to do this, make sure your flowers are planted in a checkerboard pattern like in the image below. You will then need to water the flowers to grow them and create hybrids.

To pick flowers, you can go up to them and press Y and the stems will regrow new flowers. Various flowers can be used in different recipes.

We compiled a list of every different hybrid flower combination in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Bookmark this page and refer to the guide to learn how to make any flower color on your own island.

Hybrid Flower Chart

Hybrid Flower Combinations in Animal Crossing New Horizons
Hybrid Flower Chart in Animal Crossing New Horizons / src

Lily Flower Combinations

  • Pink Lilies = Red + White
  • Orange Lilies = Red + Yellow
  • Black Lilies = Red + Red

Tulip Flower Combinations

  • Pink Tulips = Red + White, Red + Red
  • Orange Tulips = Red + Yellow
  • Black Tulips = Red + Red
  • Purple Tulips = Orange + Orange, Black + Black

Rose Flower Combinations

  • Pink Roses = Red + White
  • Orange Roses = Red + Yellow
  • Black Roses = Red + Red
  • Purple Roses = White + White
  • Hybrid Red Roses = Purple + Orange
  • Blue Roses = Hybrid Red + Hybrid Red
  • Gold Roses = Black Roses + Golden Watering Can

Pansy Flower Combinations

  • Orange Pansies = Red + Yellow
  • Blue Pansies = White + White
  • Purple Pansies = Orange + Orange
  • Purple Pansies = Blue + Blue
  • Purple Pansies = Red + Red

Windflower Flower Combinations

  • Pink = Red + Red
  • Blue = White + White
  • Blue = White + Orange
  • Purple = Blue + Pink
  • Purple = Blue + Blue

Hyacinth Flower Combinations

  • Pink Hyacinths = Red + White
  • Orange Hyacinths = Red + Yellow
  • Purple Hyacinths = Blue + Blue
  • Blue Hyacinths = White + White

Mum Flower Combinations

  • Pink Mums = Red + White
  • Green Mums = Purple + Purple
  • Purple Mums = White + White

Cosmos Flower Combinations

  • Pink Cosmos = Red + White
  • Orange Cosmos = Red + Yellow
  • Black Cosmos = Red + Red

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