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How to Unlock All Ancient Gates in WoW Dragonflight

It is a gate, and a portal!
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The downside of having giant maps in game is that it takes quite a long time to get from point A to point B. Thankfully, several developers have tackled this issue by means of fast-travel, an ability to instantly go to any visited location. That is not the only way, however, and today we will discover another type of fast travelling across a map as big as the Dragon Isles, in World of Warcraft. Here is how to unlock all Ancient Gates in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

How to Unlock All Ancient Gates

First things first. Ancient Waygates are portals that are found across the Dragon Isles that, when activated, will allow you to travel between fixed locations across the map. Before attempting to begin unlocking all Ancient Gates, or Waygates, you will first have to have at least a Renown level 7 with the Dragonscale Expedition. You will be offered a story line that will have you complete numerous tasks that will ultimately lead to you unlocking all the Ancient Waygates.

  • Dormant Discovery: Deliver the message to Thaelin Darkanvil at the Rubyscale Outpost in The Waking Shores.
  • This Old Stone: Inspect the Etched Ancient Monolith.
  • Nightborne Know-How: Locate Warpcaster Delandra at Camp Antonidas in The Azure Span.
  • Curiosity is Key: Speak with Warpcaster Delandra at Camp Antonidas.
  • Power Procurement: Gather energy within the vessel for Warpcaster Delandra at Camp Antonidas.
  • A Gateway to Somewhere: Follow Warpcaster Delandra to the Waygate’s location, killing any foes in the process.
  • An Ancient Awakening: Empower the Waygate.

After completing each of the quests above, both the Cobalt Assembly and the Rubyscale Outpost Ancient Waygates will be open. However, you will be tasked with opening the rest. All you need to do to receive the quest to open each of them is to reach Renown level 23 with the Dragonscale Expedition. You will be able to unlock all of them at that point. Here is a table of all the Ancient Waygates available in the Dragon Isles.

Ancient Waygate Table

Ancient WaygateLocationUnlock QuestCoordinates
Algeth’eraThaldraszusWaygate: Algeth’era62.45, 40.50
Cobalt AssemblyThe Azure SpanAn Ancient Awakening48.34, 30.14
Eon’s FringeThaldraszusWaygate: Eon’s Fringe52.34, 78.56
Rubyscale OutpostThe Waking ShoresAn Ancient Awakening47.33, 90.26
Rusza’thar ReachOhn’ahran PlainsWaygate: Rusza’thar Reach81.27, 39.01
Shady SanctuaryOhn’ahran PlainsWaygate: Shady Sanctuary30.67, 55.55
Skytop ObservatoryThe Waking ShoresWaygate: Skytop Observatory75.32, 57.01
VakthrosThe Azure SpanWaygate: Vakthros77.60, 30.83

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And there you go! Just make sure to keep upgrading your Renown level with the faction in order to keep unlocking the Ancient Waygates all across the map. Unlocking the remaining gates is as simple as just getting to their locations, so don’t worry much about the difficulty of the chore. Good luck!

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