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How to Repair Items in Sands of Salzaar

How to Repair Items in Sands of Salzaar

In the game of Sands of Salzaar, you’ll happen upon various types of powerful items and loot for your caravan. All items have durability, though, and they will become useless when they break. Until you repair them, that is. So, how do you repair items in Sands of Salzaar? We’ll explain the process in the following guide.

You can see an item’s durability by hovering over it with your mouse. Some items have special perks that give them infinite durability, so those will never need to be repaired. For the rest of the items, you’ll notice them deteriorate after a few battles, so keep these tips in mind.

How to Repair Items in Sands of Salzaar

There are two ways to repair items in Sands of Salzaar:

  • Find a Blacksmith
  • Use Forge Tools


The first and easiest method to repair your items is by finding and speaking with a Blacksmith. You can find blacksmiths randomly hanging out in City Centers around various settlements throughout the world.

How to Repair Items in Sands of Salzaar  - Blacksmiths

Simply visit a bunch of keeps and settlements in your area, and check the City center. The NPC is named “Blacksmith,” and you’ll want to click on their name and choose the option to repair gear. You have the opportunity to repair all gear for a set amount of Utar, or you can select specific items you’d like to fix.

Forge Tools

Another potentially cheaper way to repair your items is by using Forge Tools. You will randomly find these throughout your journeys, or you can purchase them from merchants. 

How to Repair Items in Sands of Salzaar  - Forge Tools

Forge Tools are tools used by the smiths of the Ember Society, and they restore 50 Durability for a specific level range of gear. More advanced Forge Tools repair higher level gear, so pay attention to the levels on the items you wish to repair. 

Open your bag with “B” and right-click on the Forge Tools. A window will open with a full list of all your damaged items. Select the one you want to repair, and the Forge Tools will repair that item for 50 durability.

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