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How to Plant Carrot Seeds in Valheim

How to Plant Carrot Seeds in Valheim

As you progress through Valheim, you’ll come to a point where you need to expand your dinky house into a more evolved settlement. You’ll want some self-sustaining food sources like beehives, along with some crops like carrots. Not only are carrots a good food source, but they also allow you to tame boars. Here’s how to plant carrot seeds in Valheim.

There’s one specific tool for the job when it comes to farming in Valheim: the Cultivator. You gain access to this tool when you create your first piece of bronze out of Copper and Tin from the Forge. We have a more in-depth guide on metals here on our site, so check it out if you are a bit confused.

How to Plant Carrot Seeds in Valheim

To plant Carrot Seeds in Valheim, equip your Cultivator tool to any slot. Right-click to pull up your cultivation menu and select the first option to cultivate an area of the land. This will essentially create a small plot of dirt at the chosen location, which you can use as your garden. Assuming you have some carrot seeds on your person, which you can obtain from the Black Forest, you can now plant some Carrot Seeds.

Right-click again to pull up the cultivation menu, and select the fourth option to begin planting some carrot seeds. Place your first carrot anywhere in the cultivated area. One thing to keep in mind when planting multiple carrots is that they cannot be too close together. They need a bit of room between each one so they can be healthy and grow properly. 

You can plant a few carrots and mouse over them to check if they are healthy or not. If it says the carrot needs more room to grow, then you know they need a bit more space. The same is true for any object that is too close to the carrot. Make sure there is generally at least one tile of length (equal to a one-by-one floor tile) on all sides of each carrot, and they should grow with no problems. 

You may find carrots useful in creating recipes like Carrot Soup and also taming boars. Feed your carrots to a boar after surrounding it in a fence to significantly increase its tameness. As you build a bigger boar pen, you can feed them carrots to get them to breed with each other and create more boars!

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