How to Get Sacred Provenance in Destiny 2

The Garden of Salvation Raid rewards a powerful Pulse Rifle weapon called Sacred Provenance. We will explain how and where you can get this weapon for yourself.

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How to Get Sacred Provenance in Destiny 2

The only way to get the new Sacred Provenance weapon in Destiny 2 is to run the Garden of Salvation Raid. Bosses and chests can contain the weapon, so you can get lucky and find it before finishing the entire raid.

Like many other weapons in Destiny 2, you will have to rely on some randomness to get a good roll on the weapon that fits your play style. The weapon itself is an Aggressive Frame Pulse Rifle that shoots out four bullets per shot. Rapid Hit can make this weapon a rapid laser firing weapon.

Many players have reported being able to two-shot many enemies. The Sacred Provenance is shaping up to be a highly sought after weapon and a must have for anyone using Pulse Rifles. So if you think this would be a good addition to your arsenal, it might be time to get a raid group together and start grinding.

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