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How to Get Millenium Falcon Glider in Fortnite

It’s an exciting time for Fortnite as the Winterfest and Star Wars event are both underway simultaneously. Players can get their hands on some amazing loot during this time. One sought after skin is the Millenium Falcon glider.

How to Get Millenium Falcon Glider in Fortnite

Getting this glider isn’t too difficult, you will need to first head over to the Winterfest Cabin by clicking the snowflake icon and hitting “visit lodge”. Don’t get too distracted by the huge pile of gifts.

Towards the right side of the screen you can see a smaller pile of presents with one in the shape of a Millenium Falcon. Click on this gift, and give it a little shake. You will hear some spaceship noises, and you can proceed to unwrap it and unlock your new glider.

You can only unwrap one present every day, so this will take up your one gift for the day. It is one of the cooler gifts compared to all the others, so we think it’s a good choice to unwrap early.

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