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How to Get Bumblebee’s Number in Twelve Minutes

How to Get Bumblebee's Number in Twelve Minutes

If there were a survival guide to dealing with murder time loops, one of the first pieces of advice it would contain would be “learn about your assailant’s family.” Finding info on a family member can give you insight into their motivations, and hopefully, lead you to a way to get them off your back. In Twelve Minutes, the family member in question is the detective’s daughter, Bumblebee. Here’s how to get Bumblebee’s number in Twelve Minutes.

After you’ve obtained proof that your wife didn’t kill her father, you’ll need to convince the detective of the same. Unfortunately, he’s not much of a listener, so you’ll need to use his family as leverage to get his attention. In order to obtain Bumblebee’s number you’ll need to get your hands on the detective’s phone, but obviously, he won’t give it up willingly. At the start of a loop, grab the mugs off the kitchen sink, fill one with water, and spike it with the sleeping pills from the bathroom. Place it on your wife’s side of the table so she’ll drink it when you’re eating dessert. You specifically need to do it like this so she’ll go pass out in the bedroom, rather than on the couch. Once she’s out of commission, close the doors to the bathroom and bedroom, turn off the living room light, and hide in the closet.

How to Get Bumblebee’s Number in Twelve Minutes

When the detective shows up, he’ll search the apartment, eventually stumbling onto your unconscious wife in the bedroom. He’ll attempt to turn on the lights, getting stunned by the faulty light switch. Time to spring into action. Go to the bedroom, interact with the detective to loot everything from his pockets, then use one of his zip cuffs to bind him so he doesn’t slug you when he wakes up.

Use the phone you swiped from the detective from your inventory and check his text messages. There’ll be several messages from Bumblebee; open any one of them and click on the red phone number at the top of the message. Press the call button to ring her; you don’t have to say anything, because the husband has already committed the number to memory at this point. In subsequent loops, you can now call Bumblebee at any time using your wife’s phone from her purse in the closet. This is a vital component in getting the detective to listen to you.

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