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How to Defeat the Two Sir Donovan Boss Fights in Soulstice

Swords at the ready! It's time to prove to Sir Donovan your worth.
Donovan boss in Soulstice
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Sir Donovan is the first named boss fight of Soulstice, and he’s been an obvious threat as an opponent since the very first-time players meet him in Chapter 4. Keep on your toes when turning your sword against him because the Shadeless is as much of a powerhouse as the rumours say! Here’s how you can deal with him from a comfortable (or not so comfortable) distance.

How to Defeat the Two Sir Donovan Boss Fights in Soulstice

Round one

This first clash with Sir Donovan does not require much mental anguish since there is no having to keep in mind switching between Lute’s fields, unlike previous bosses. The aim here is to instead focus on avoiding the majority of taking any hits from Sir Donovan, because he certainly lives up to his name. Him and his sword hits with an impact, so you either want to be geared up and ready to get thrown about with enough healing items before encountering him or be good enough at dodging and countering.

Either way, this battle is a straightforward spar since the result of it is not with the intention of taking down one another for good. This means that the battle will cancel out successfully mid-way in the match, so feel reassured that you are not expected to completely down this beast of a man. As long as you land enough hits on him that cut his health below the half-way point, you will get a cutscene and go to the next chapter. Success!

Round two

Please turn back now if you have not gotten to chapter 20. This is a warning due to spoilers being mentioned just below.

Round two is a different story compared to your first fight with Sir Donovan, because this time, this battle to the death involves his Shade, Hannah, now being in control of him. Hannah will provide a blue shield around Sir Donovan to stop any and all hits from landing on hurting him, meaning that you need Lute to have her Evocation Field on at all times when attacking him or no amount of damage will connect. Obviously cancel it out if she starts to enter the overcharge state, then rinse and repeat.

Keep doing this until the shield breaks. Then, cancel the Evocation Field to allow Lute’s Entropy level to regain neutrality as you throw everything you have at Sir Donovan in his weakened and staggered form. The fight will be a back-and-forth of this – keep attacking Sir Donovan when Hannah has her shield active on him with Lute’s Evocation Field activated that will exhaust them both until you have defeated them.

Remember to flick through all weapons since you want any kind of distance from Sir Donovan to land any hits as long as the Evocation Field is up. Just ensure to evade most of his attacks no matter the range because he hits hard.

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