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How to Defeat the Two Harbinger Boss Fights in Soulstice

The Harbinger is the final boss of Soulstice. Here's a rundown of a nasty of an opponent they are, and how to tackle them.
harbinger in Soulstice
Image via Reply Game Studios

The Harbinger is the final boss of Soulstice and one that will transform into an even bigger, tougher foe as the final boss of the entire game from chapter 24 into chapter 25. Here’s how to take him down and slay him for good!

How to Defeat the Two Harbinger Boss Fights in Soulstice

Round one

The first time fighting the Harbinger is found in chapter 24. He comes with a purple bar like all the other tougher boss fights that has you needing to chip away at first before being able to damage his HP pool. To do this, keep your distance from him. Shoot him with the Hallowed Hunter when maintaining distance. Keep a look out for when he overexerts himself because he will stand still for a few seconds. Roll or run straight to him once he unleashes his strongest moves that will target you. Remember to use Lute’s slow move with ‘B’ when showed visually because you will be depending on it once phase two begins.

Harbinger’s move set will become all the more chaotic after getting his health below the middle threshold. He will start to unleash the very same floating orbs that Nemesis attacked with that require the corresponding field color from Lute to be active to take down. Always aim for these first with Harbinger because of his other attacks he carries out after sending these out. He stacks the same move sets so you will quickly learn how and when to dodge.

These specifically involve the orbs, sending energy veins into the ground that come up above where Briar is and chases her, and then quickly followed up by three heavy swings of his blade that track Briar. Keep your distance at all times when he is doing these moves, then run towards him as soon as he stops to safely attack within a close proximity before he does the same cycle. Rinse and repeat until you have felled him for good.

Round two

Harbinger Hannah in Soulstice
Screenshot via Reply Game Studios

The second time in fighting the Harbinger is found in its final chapter of 25. The Harbinger has now been taken over completely by Sir Donovan’s Shade, Hannah. This is the grand battle of Soulstice, with this second form of Harbinger being massive in size and taking up center stage with the player jumping on multiple floating platforms in a side-scrolling fashion.

To defeat her, keep an eye out on her ever-evolving move set. She will fight with her large hands in her first stage. Her right hand will have a blue crystal shard in it, requiring Lute to have her Evocation Field on to damage it while her left hand has a red crystal shard in it, so have her Banishment Field active when attacking it. You’ll have to jump over when she swipes the platform and wait for her hands to be on the platform and idle to attack them. This is the only way to incapacitate her to target the shard in her stomach. When she collapses and exposes it, go all in with whichever your most beefed-up weapon is at this point for maximum damage!

Her first phase has her using her fists only. If she’s not attacking by slamming both fists down at the same time, she can attack with only one fist coming down. This can sometimes be charged up to generate purple veins from coming out and attacking in multiple paths when it connects to the platform. Be in a path that does not have any lines of the veins on the ground to avoid damage.

Things get progressively trickier once you have to down past opponents such as more Wraiths and Possessed who can and will appear during her second phase. You can cancel most of these out with well-timed ‘B’ tapping when the visual cue appears when Harbinger waves her fingers about. Remember to take out all the targets whilst avoiding Harbinger’s attacks to increase Unity level to unlock the potential to trigger it for an all-out attack. This will help to either bring down Harbinger’s purple barrier bar or her HP pool quicker depending on when you trigger it and unleash its Synergy attack.

She will also start sending down purple arrows from above as indicated when a dark circle appears in the sky. Simply dodge the shadows that appear on the platforms to avoid damage from this move.

The final phase of the Harbinger can make it even tougher when attempting to pull off successful dodges, but there are options available. She will be slow when revealing her stomach to unleash her deadliest attack that wipes out an entire platform with a massive beam move. You will be respawned on a different platform if she catches you out with it but tries to avoid it by jumping to another platform with the ‘A’ button when going to the corner of the platform being targeted. You will still lose a chunk of health if you are caught in its blast.

The beam will start to chase you from each platform once she is on the brink of defeat so keep running and jumping from the platforms until she stops this attack.

That’s everything you need to know about Harbinger! Good luck bringing her down and congratulations for doing so when you do!

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