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How to Create Grenades While Peeing in Death Stranding

Death Stranding is the new open world action game from Hideo Kojima. Some aspects of this game might seem strange to a lot of players, such as the ability to use Sam’s bodily functions to create weapons.

How to Create Grenades While Peeing in Death Stranding

There’s a few different kinds of grenades in the game that can be obtained through Sam’s actions:

  • EX 0 Grenades can be obtained from Sam’s sweat.
  • EX 1 Grenades can be obtained from Sam’s urine.
  • EX 2 Grenades can be obtained from Sam’s bowel movements.

The grenades can be obtained from Sam’s private room where he gets rest. In order to efficiently create grenades, you’ll have to make sure you do some specific things.

For EX 0 Grenades, Sam will have to move around a lot and get sweaty. This includes running around and completing long deliveries. You can take a shower to wash off all the sweat, after which there should be several grenades available for use.

EX 1 Grenades rely on how full Sam’s bladder is at any given time. You can choose to relieve your bladder at pretty much any time, which can be out in the middle of the world or in Sam’s own personal room. More grenades will be created the more full Sam’s bladder is, so make sure to drink enough water.

EX 2 Grenades are made in Sam’s private house, as they are made from bowel movements. Sam will have to go to the restroom to take care of business, and it’s important to make sure he has a full gut which can be done by eating enough food and snacking on cryptobiote snacks.

Having EX grenades on you is important and can make your time out in the open world much easier. Grenades are a great way to make BTs move around so you can get through an open path.

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