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How to Beat Cynthia Weaver in Alan Wake 2

Take Cynthia down once and for all!
Alan Wake 2
Image via Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2, the highly anticipated successor to the original Alan Wake, brings players back into the thrilling world of supernatural horrors and psychological mysteries.

With a narrative that promises to be just as gripping as its predecessor, players will encounter a new antagonist, Cynthia Weaver. This article will guide you through the steps to defeat Cynthia Weaver, one of the most enigmatic and formidable enemies in Alan Wake 2.

How to Defeat Cynthia Weaver in Alan Wake 2?

Cynthia Weaver is back, and it’s badder than ever in Alan Wake 2, literally! Unlike in the original Alan Wake, Cynthia Weaver is out for blood and won’t stop until she’s been beaten. Beating her is a lot easier said than done, but thankfully, you’ve come to the right place if you’re struggling against her!

As with most enemies in games, there’s not really a sure-fire, works-100%-of-the-time method to taking her down. However, by following these steps and keeping these tactics in mind during the fight, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue defeating Cynthia:

  • Cynthia is incredibly quick and sneaky when she’s in the water.
    • During the first phase of the fight, Cynthia will be hiding in the water, waiting for the perfect chance to strike. She’s nearly completely silent and stupid fast, so try to stay out of the water as much as possible when you can.
    • There are a handful of debris piles scattered around the area; climb up on top of them and keep an eye out for her in the water so she can’t sneak up on you.
  • While maintaining your distance from Cynthia, make your way over to the rusted fence along the water. Walk alongside it until you find a hole in the wall and climb through.
    • Don’t let your guard down yet, because Cynthia can still get to you. Try not to stay in the water for too long, and make sure to climb up on debris and other solid surfaces when you can.
  • Keep going in the new area until you find the generator and flip it on.
    • You really can’t miss it, it’s ginormous.
Character in Alan Wake 2
Image via Remedy Entertainment
  • Once the generator is on, make a mad dash back to the original area and turn on the pump; it should drain all the water out of the room.
  • High-tail it down the spiral staircase next to the central console until you reach the bottom. After a few moments, your surroundings will change, and the whole room will fill with water (thanks to Cynthia), and your real fight will begin.
    • Don’t freak out when this happens. Just try to arm yourself up and make sure you’re fully healed before you reach the bottom of the staircase.
  • Once Cynthia appears, she’ll be extremely vulnerable to your attacks, but she’ll also be extremely quick with her own. Attack her as often as possible while avoiding her attacks.
    • Cynthia’s attacks are strong, but they’re also predictable. She tends to attack in a straight line and only at what’s directly in front of her; try not to stay in the same place for too long and zig-zag around the room when you can.
    • Try to avoid slower weapons, like the crossbow. Cynthia’s main strong point is her speed, so try using any of the guns at your disposal.
  • Cynthia’s weakest point is her head, so aim every attack there to make your shots count.
  • Once her health gets extremely low, she’ll stop floating and resort to attacking you while on her feet. While she’s in this state, unload on her as much as possible, and try not to let her touch you; she may be weakened, but she still hits like a truck.

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If you follow all these steps, then you shouldn’t have any trouble taking down Cynthia Waver in Alan Wake 2 (well, maybe a little bit of trouble, but she’s a boss, so that’s to be expected).

Once she’s been defeated, you’ll be treated to an unskippable cutscene, so you can finally sit back, take a breather, and enjoy your victory!

Cynthia Weaver may be a tough boss to beat, but she’s not unstoppable! As long as you follow this guide to the letter and don’t stay in the water for too long, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble with her.

If you love playing the Alan Wake series but feel like switching it up, try playing the Silent Hill series or The Last of Us. Both of these games have just as many survival and psychological horror elements as Alan Wake and Alan Wake 2; check out Gamer Journalist’s coverage for both Silent Hill and The Last of Us for more information!

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