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How to Beat Crazed Cat in The Battle Cats?

Devil Cat in Battle Cats
Screenshot via PONOS

The Battle Cats is a wildly popular and addictive tower defense game that puts players in command of a battalion of weirdly adorable feline warriors. In a world where cats fight against a bizarre assortment of enemies, players must strategically deploy their cats to defend their base and conquer various stages.

Among the many formidable foes in The Battle Cats, the Crazed Cat stands out as a challenging adversary (cat-versary?). Defeating the Crazed Cat requires careful strategy, precise timing, and a well-prepared army of cats. In this guide, we will delve into effective tactics and tips on how to beat the Crazed Cat and claim victory for your furry feline army!

How to Beat the Crazed Cat in The Battle Cats

The Crazed Cat may be one of the most difficult foes in The Battle Cats, but it’s also the most rewarding to defeat. Once players finally conquer the Crazed Cat in The Battle Cats, it becomes part of their feline army!

A lot of players would agree that having this cat on your team is preferable to it being on the enemy’s. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a guaranteed method of defeating the Crazed Cat, though there are more than a few tactics that players can utilize to give themselves an advantage:

  • The Crazed Cat’s only real weaknesses are his slow movement speed and his limited attack range, so using cats with long-range attacks or fast-moving cats with high attack stats is your best bet.
  • Make sure you bring a good handful of meatshield cats to protect your heavy hitters, like the Wall Cat, the Macho Cat, or the Boogie Cat.
  • Make sure that your battle cats are at a high enough level to take the Crazed Cat on.
    • Your cats should be anywhere from levels 20 through 30.
  • Consider adding the Bahamut cat to your ranks. The Bahamut cat is a single-target DPS unit that, if utilized correctly, should help immensely with keeping the Crazed Cat at bay.
  • Spam your tanks and meatshield cats to keep the Crazed Cat away from your high-attack units.
  • Prioritize defense over offense. Don’t get me wrong, a good offense is definitely needed to win against the Crazed Cat in The Battle Cats, but a good defense should always be prioritized. As long as you keep him at bay with your defense, you can wear him down little by little until he’s defeated!

As previously mentioned, there is currently no guaranteed method to defeating the Crazed Cat, but as long as you utilize all of these methods in The Battle Cats, you shouldn’t have any problems beating him!

What Makes the Crazed Cat so Hard to Beat?

The Crazed Cat is tough to beat for many reasons, but the most frustrating of which is his extremely high health stat. The Crazed Cat has a ridiculous health state of 2,400,000 HP; it literally takes forever to defeat him.

Additionally, the Crazed Cat also has an incredibly high attack stat (7,880 damage/13,133.33 DPS) and employs non-stop area attacks on your army. Essentially, he’s merciless in his attacks and never once allows the player a moment to breathe before he releases his barrage of attacks again.

Hell Cats in The Battle Cats
Screenshot via PONOS

Lastly, one of the most frustrating reasons why the Crazed Cat in The Battle Cats is so hard to beat is his own personal army of evil minions. Once his HP gets low enough (like 99% of the way gone), extremely powerful enemies will begin to spawn.

These enemies will begin to swarm your army in droves, providing the Crazed Cat with an incredibly effective, temporary protection. You’ll have to somehow plow your way through all of these enemies just to get back to fighting the Crazed Cat, which is both super annoying and tedious, not to mention dangerous (it would suck to whittle him down to 1% health, only to die at the paws of his minions).

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Rewards for Beating the Crazed Cat in The Battle Cats

As stated previously, players who defeat the Crazed Cat will be able to gain him as a Cat Unit once the battle is over. This is already more than enough of a reward for many players, but that’s not all you can expect to get after beating him!

Players who defeat the Crazed Cat in The Battle Cats will also receive a hefty money drop of anywhere between 1,980¢ and 7,821¢. So not only will players get rewarded with a brand-new, ultra-rare Cat Unit, but they’ll also get rich in the process!

Of course, players will also get the satisfaction of defeating one of the toughest, most annoying adversaries in the game.

Defeating the Crazed Cat in The Battle Cats requires careful planning, a well-balanced cat army, and quick thinking. It may take a while to defeat him, but it’s more than worth the effort!

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