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How Long is Ghostwire Tokyo?

How Long is Ghostwire Tokyo?

Tokyo is not only a big city, but it’s a dense city. Decades of optimization in city planning has created a city where there are scores of businesses around every corner, and usually a few stacked on top of them. Exploring all of Tokyo would take a long while on its own, but when the city’s full of malevolent spirits and yokai on top of that? That just makes things even more confusing, but you’ll have to navigate it all in Ghostwire Tokyo. On that note, how long is Ghostwire Tokyo?

While Ghostwire Tokyo is a sandbox game, with a large slice of Tokyo available for you to fool around in, the game’s critical story path is actually pretty clearly outlined for you. You don’t have to worry about getting lost or anything like that, so as long as you get a decent grip of the game’s mechanics and combat system, you could potentially breeze through the main story in just a few play sessions.

How Long is Ghostwire Tokyo?

According to pre-release reports, if you focus exclusively on the critical story path of Ghostwire Tokyo, forgoing any and all collectibles and sidequests, then you’re probably looking at a total playtime of around 15 hours, possibly less if you’re especially proficient in combat and optimize your upgrades (or you just turn the difficulty level down).

However, that sandbox isn’t just there to look pretty; it’s full of extra stuff to collect, places to explore, Tori gates to cleanse, and sidequests to accomplish. If you stop and smell the roses, engaging in side content for the average amount, then your total playtime can get up to around 20 hours. If you fancy yourself a completionist and seek out every single collectible, sidequest, and any other incidental thing that counts toward your completion percentage, that can easily tack another 10 hours onto your playtime, bringing the grand total up to a meaty 30 hours.

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