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How do you Get the Screech TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Get Ready to Screech (in Frustration?)
Pokemon Violet Meowth
Image via Nintendo

In the Pokemon canon, there exist Technical Machines, also known as TMs, that can manually teach your ‘mon a new move. While there are moves they’ll learn naturally through leveling up, sometimes the move you want to use just isn’t in that list. Albeit, not all TMs work with all ‘mons, so some strategy is needed.

But, what happens if a move that used to be a TM is nowhere to be found? In the case of TM16 Screech, while it’s not nowhere to be found, it’s no longer a TM in Scarlet & Violet. So, how would you go about teaching your Pokemon to Screech? Let’s take a dive into this topic and learn how to teach this move!

How To Teach Screech to a Pokemon

OK, so … first, it’s worth noting that there are two main options here. First, you could simply find a ‘mon who will someday learn Screech naturally and follow that path. But, another option involves the new picnic mechanic found in Scarlet & Violet. Admittedly, the second option might be a bit more complex.

If you’d like to go with the first method, you have several options when it comes to which Pokemon you train up. You can go with Meowth (who learns it at level 32), Psyduck (who learns it at 21), or Voltorb (who learns it at 13), and those are just three options. There are many others who naturally learn Screech.

The second method … involves egg moves and Pokemon breeding. It’ll still require you to have a Pokemon who knows Screech, so you may deem it more worthwhile to go with the first method. If not, here’s what you have to do. Find a Mirror Herb, which can be acquired at the Delibird Presents in Cascarrafa. Figure out which ‘mon you’d like to teach Screech to, but keep in mind Screech needs to be in their possible egg moves. Let this ‘mon hold the Mirror Herb, verifying that they have at least one move slot freed up.

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Have a picnic, and if all goes well, by the time you put everything away, the target will know Screech. As I said, it’s a complicated scenario, and by the time it’s completed, you will have earned that move. I only have one thing to say to those who manage to make this work: I hope it was worth it.

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