Spray Different Gas Station Locations

Spray Different Gas Station Locations

Fortnite Season X Battle Pass challenges are new this week, and one objective has players spray different gas stations. You might already know all the locations by heart, but for those of us who need some assistance, here’s a map so you can spray different gas station locations.

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Spray Different Gas Station Locations

This challenge is part of the Spray & Pray challenge sets in Week 2 of the Fortnite Season X Battle Pass challenges. You are tasked with finding all the gas stations across the Season X map and spraying 3 different locations.

How to Spray Different Gas Station Locations

To spray paint, you will first need to make sure you have some sprays added to your character in the locker. Once that is done, you can simply pull up your emote wheel and scroll through them until you find the sprays. Click on them or hit the corresponding key and you will start spray painting.

As of week 2, there are currently 7 different gas station locations in the game. The map in Fortnite changes frequently, so this is subject to change at any moment by Epic Games. Here’s the gas station locations in list format:

Pleasant Park Gas Station

The first gas station is located directly in Pleasant Park, on the eastern side of the town.

South of Pleasant Park Gas Station

Head outside of pleasant park to the south along the road and you will find the next gas station.

Salty Springs Gas Station

There is another gas station located directly in Salty Springs, in the northeast corner of the town.

Tilted Town gas Station

Head west of the new western themed Tilted Town, and you’ll see the gas station.

Lucky Landing Gas Station

Directly north of Lucky Landing is another gas station.

Fatal Fields Gas Station

Southeast of Fatal Fields you will find the next gas station on our list.

Paradise Palms Gas Station

The last gas station location is in Paradise Palms.

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