Fortnite Faction Wars

It should come as no surprise that Shadow versus Ghost faction wars would eventually become a thing in Fortnite. Dataminers have uncovered some details about an upcoming event called Fortnite Faction Wars that confirm what a lot of people have been speculating.

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Fortnite Faction Wars

Today, a data miner named FireMonkey on Twitter leaked some information pertaining to an upcoming event. He has a history of trustworthy leaks, and here’s what he had to say:

Fortnite Faction Wars will be a head to head battle between the Ghost and Shadow factions. You will be able to pick your team from the main menu Agency screen. The goal here will be to upgrade your Faction’s intelligence.

The higher your Faction’s intelligence, the higher the event reward. Not enough information has been uncovered yet to leak the rewards, and the event itself is likely to be a few weeks away.

Fortnite Faction Wars event goes hand-in-hand with this season’s Agency themed Battle Pass. Events like this one will likely keep things interesting and improve player retention.

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