Final Fantasy 7 Remake Weapon Locations

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Weapon Locations

One of the most important items in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the weapons. To obtain weapons in this game, you will have to get them from quests, find them in your journeys, or purchase them from weapon shops. This guide takes an in-depth look at all the different FF7 Remake weapon locations.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Weapon Locations

Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aerith all start with their own type of weapon. Cloud uses swords, Barret uses guns, Tifa uses gloves and knuckles, and Aerith uses staves. Throughout the game, you will find more powerful weapons in a variety of different ways.

We’ve broken out each character’s weapon locations along with a description of what each weapon does. You will

Cloud’s Weapons

Buster SwordStarting WeaponFocused Thrust – Lunge at an enemy to do damage to everyone in the way providing an increase chance to stagger.
Iron BladeChapter 3: Automatically ObtainedTriple Slash – Attacks three enemies quick dealing more damage with every strike.
Nail BatQuest: Kids on PatrolDisorder – This is a strong attack that switches modes.
HardedgePurchase: Wall MarketInfinity’s Edge – An overhead charged strike dealing damage on stagger.
Mythril SaberPurchase: Wall MarketBlade Burst – Shoots a burst of energy.
Twin StingerShinra TowerCounterstance – Brace for attacks and retaliate

Barret’s Weapons

Gatling GunStarting WeaponFocused Shot – Use all ATB for a strong burst. Has a chance to stagger.
Light Machine GunChapter 6: Automatically ObtainedLifesaver – You take damage instead of an ally.
Big BerthaPurchase: Sector 6Maximum Fury – Uses all ATB for a long stream of bullets.
Steel PincersPurchase: Moogle EmporiumCharging Uppercut – Rush to an enemy and launch them up in the air.
Wrecking BallQuest: Subterranean MenaceSmackdown – Launch enemies up in the air by smashing the ground.
EKG CannonPurchase: Hart at Shinra TowerPoint Blank – Uses ATB for a close-ranged attack to launch enemies in the air.

Tifa’s Weapons

Leather GlovesStarting WeaponDivekick – Jump, and kick.
Metal KnucklesChapter 5: Crab Warden RewardOverpower – Used with basic attacks to pressure enemies.
Sonic StrikersChest: Mako Reactor 5 Level B5Focused Strike – Dodges then strikes, increasing chance to stagger.
Feathered GlovesChapter 10: Sewer SystemStarshower – Strikes that increase strength of the next command.
Mythril ClawsChapter 13: Failed Experiment RewardChi Trap – Chi Orb that Absorbs Damage.
Purple PainChest: Shinra Tower LobbyTrue Strike – Close-ranged strike with extra stagger damage.

Aerith’s Weapons

Guard StickStarting WeaponArcane Ward – Summons a ward that doubles attack spells.
Silver StaffPurchase: Moogle EmporiumSorcerous Storm – Deals AoE magic damage.
Arcane ScepterReward: Dynamite BodyFleeting Familiar – Summons a Fairy that attacks.
Mythril RodChapter 11: Train GraveyardRay of Judgement – Energy bursts hitting many enemies.
Bladed StaffChapter 11: Steal from EligorA Lustrous Shield
Reinfroced StaffChapter 17: In a ChestATB Ward – Summons a ward to regen ATB.

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