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Escape From Tarkov Woods Key Locations

There are a total of three different keys you can find for the Woods map in Escape From Tarkov. The keys can be obtained through a few different locations, so this guide will help you learn where to find them, where to use them, and what you could gain from them.

Escape From Tarkov Woods Key Locations

The ZB-014 key can be obtained from Room 220 in CUstoms. This key opens up a locked room inside the bunker closest to the exit. Inside the bunker is a weapon locker and weapon crate, along with some other loot. This is also a quest location.

ZB-014 key

The Yotota key opens up a pickup truck found in the lumber yard by the three huts. This key can be found in the pockets and bags of Scavs. It’s a bad anagram for “Toyota” so you probably figured this one out already.

Yotota Key

The KSH key is also known as the Shturman Key, which can be found by the boss scav on Woods. This key opens up a loot box near the middle of lumber mill on top of some tires next to a stack of logs. You can find some weapons, rare loot, and some ammo with this key.

KSH/Shturman Key

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