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Echo Joining Overwatch on April 14

The newest hero to join Overwatch is Echo. Blizzard announced that Echo will be swooping into Overwatch on April 14. Echo has been undergoing some testing on the PC private test realm since March 19.

Echo was first announced back in March with her Origin story and first appeared in the Overwatch universe back in 2018 at BlizzCon during the McCree ‘Reunion’ animated short.

Echo is an “evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence, versatile enough to fill multiple battlefield combat roles.”

Echo Abilities

  • Tri-Shot – Echo’s primary fire is a 3-shot projectile dealing 17 damage each, or 51 damage per full 3-shot burst. She has a 15-round clip.
  • Stickybomb – This is her alternate fire ability. Sprays small explosives that deal impact damage and explode after a short delay. 6 shots per volley with 5 damage per impact and 30 damage per explosion.
  • Focusing Beam – Echo’s first ability does 50 DPS, or 200 DPS if target is below 50%, at a 20m range for 2.5 seconds.
  • Flight – Echo’s second ability launches her in the direction she’s aiming and causes a slow-fall effect while remaining mobile.
  • Duplicate – Echo’s Ultimate allows her to pick any enemy players and play as that hero for six seconds. You have accelerated ult generation in this form and revert back to Echo upon death.

Overall, Echo has nice mobility and high burst damage. Her ultimate is a real game-changer, though. A skilled player can likely get off one, or even two, ultimates while in the copied hero form.

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