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Dota Plus Winter 2021 Update Introduces New Music Pack and Seasonal Treasures

The Dota Plus Winter 2021 Update is now live, and we take a look at what's new
Dota Plus Winter 2021 Update Introduces New Music Pack and Seasonal Treasures

The Dota Plus Winter 2021 update is here, bringing with it some new seasonal treasures and a new music pack from the Swedish deathcore band Humanity’s Last Breath. There are also some new seasonals quests and guild rewards to look forward to. Let’s take a look at what’s new in this Dota Plus Winter 2021 update.

For those who aren’t in the loop, Dota Plus is the premium monthly subscription available in Dota 2. The service offers players lots of features like selective matchmaking, shards, relics, hero progression, player tipping, and tons of cosmetics.

Dota Plus Winter 2021 Update

Here’s a look at what’s new in the Dota Plus Winter 2021 update:

New Metal Music Pack

Composed by Humanity’s Last Breath, the new Void music pack brings a brutal edge to the soundscape of battle. Available now in the store for $4.99. 

Dota Plus Seasonal Treasure

The Winter 2021 Seasonal Treasure is here, available for purchase with shards. Exclusive to Dota Plus members, this treasure features all new sets for Spirit Breaker, Chaos Knight, Riki, Treant Protector, Arc Warden, Undying, and Lina. There’s also a chance to unlock Bionic Birdie, a courier loaded with random prismatic and kinetic gems. 

Updated Seasonal Quests & Guild Rewards

As always, today’s update also comes with a new set of Dota Plus quests to help haul in some extra shards for new relics and the Seasonal Treasure — offering up to 115,200 shards over the course of the season. Joining today’s update along with the changes above, the guild rewards for silver, gold, and platinum tier guilds have all been switched for the winter season. 

Guild Rewards


  • Emoticon – invoker_dry
  • Emoticon – luna_rage
  • Emoticon – manta


  • Spray – Spirit Breaker Choo Choo
  • Spray – Lion Laugh
  • Spray – Undying RIP


  • Chat Wheel – “Absolutely Perfect”
  • Chat Wheel – “Как же это сочно, ах!”
  • Chat Wheel – “漂~ 亮”

Upcoming Battle Pass

As mentioned last week, we have one last pressing order of business before the end of the year — the Battle Pass, which will arrive in the next few weeks filled with holiday levels of hijinks and rewards.

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