Will Dorfromantik be on Switch?

Will Dorfromantik be on Switch?

Low-key, laid-back base and world-building puzzle/strategy games like Dorfromantik go with a PC like bread and butter. Ever since the early days of SimCity, some people simply can’t play a game like this without the comfort of a mouse and keyboard. But low-key, laid-back games also tend to go well with the Nintendo Switch and its family-friendly aesthetic, so it makes sense to wonder “will Dorfromantik be on Switch?”

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Dorfromantik released on Steam last month in Early Access, and was available as a prototype on Itch.io prior to that. If you purchased Itch.io’s “Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality” last year, you might actually have that prototype already. Anyway, Dorfromantik is the very first game Toukana Interactive has put together, and as such, they aren’t exactly rolling in loose capital to put toward port jobs. So at the moment, Dorfromantik is only available on Steam, but if it sells well, a Switch port is definitely in the cards.

 Will Dorfromantik be on Switch?

The devs themselves explained it much more concisely in the Dorfromantik’s official FAQ.

“We deliberately designed Dorfromantik to be modular in its core game design, which allows us to theoretically port it to Mobile or Switch. However, since Dorfromantik is our debut title as a team, we are also dependent on the commercial success of the PC version to be able to finance a port to other platforms. We would of course be very happy to work on it this year and already have concrete plans, but are focusing on the PC release first.”

So there you have it. They definitely want to make a Switch port of the game, but A: it isn’t actually done yet, and B: the version they have now needs to sell well enough that the money port jobs would necessitate could be recouped. When a port could actually happen, they haven’t said, but if you want one sooner, then you should buy the game on Steam. It’s only ten bucks.

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