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Digimon World Next Order Best Training Spots

Train Hard to Play Hard

Digimon World Next is now available for purchase on Nintendo Switch and PC. The purpose of the game is to acquire as many Digimon as possible and develop them to be as powerful as possible. Players may find themselves doing a lot of grinding as a result of this. A player’s Digimon can be trained at a variety of locations around the game’s environment. With each Digimon having a life span, you may want to focus on particular stats, therefore farming in specific locations is essential. The following is a list of our best training spots in Digimon World Next Order.

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Best Training Spots

Training against Digimon rather than at the gym is often preferable for raising your companions’ stats in Digimon World Next. The best training spots are those where you can rapidly travel to and where the adversaries are close to area exits so that you can quickly reset the opponents.

  • BlackGabumon, Goburimon – Located in the Nigh Plains (Power Plant #2), These digimon are excellent for training Rookie Digimon. They will provide you with targeted training to improve your STR, STA, and SPE stats.
  • WarGrowlmon – For a player who is near the East Coast or Control Island at Faulty Ex Machine, the WarGrowlmon is a great choice of enemy to train on. It is good for training Champion level Digimon.
  • Piddomon – This digimon can be farmed at night, at the Logic Volcano near the Gate Entry. Piddomon is useful for training Rookie and Champion Digimon as well as WIS and SPE stats.
  • Seadramon – This digimon can be found on the MOD Cape and are useful for training Rookie and Champion Digimon. They will increase your STR, STA, WIS, and SPE stats. Before training here, you need have at least 2k overall stats.
  • Dimensional Dungeon Bosses – These digimon may be discovered in Floatia’s Dimensional District. At a bout 8k total stats, some of the strongest digimon in the game cease supplying stats. Dimensional dungeons fill that gap and are unlocked in postgame by recruiting a digimon. The majority of the dungeon bosses grant +24 to each stat.

Finding Your own Best Training Spot

There are various places to farm specific stats so it is best to find the on that gives the stats you desire for your current training path. As stated above the best places to farm are where it is easy to both single out digimon and easily reset them by accessing an exit to the area and returning. If you find yourself stuck find a good place to do those things and youll find one of your own best training spots in Digimon World Next Order.

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