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Death Trash demo is now available on Steam

Death Trash demo
Image: Crafting Legends/Death Trash

Death Trash, the sci-fi post-apocalyptic adventure RPG from Crafting Legends, is now available to play on Steam. The game does not fully release until approximately August 5, 2021, but fans can check out the demo for free in the meantime. It has been a work in progress for nearly six years for solo developer Stephan Hövelbrinks, which all began with a Fallout fanart Tweet back in 2015. That Tweet went on to evolve into a full-on project that has garnered a lot of attention from gamers worldwide. 

Popular names in the gaming space like John Romero, game designer and co-founder of id Software, have even publicly praised it on social media.

Death Trash features pseudo-isometric gameplay and a 2D pixel art style. Players will take their custom-created character through a Fallout-esque world, leveling and collecting loot while progressing through the story and trying to survive. Before beginning, players can choose a few details about their character, including how they look and some starting stats, in true RPG fashion.

Death Trash attributes

Core attributes reflect things like Hardiness, Strength, Finesse, Occultism, Cybertech, and Empathy. Skills refer to character style, with options like rifles, high tech, melee, bartering, stealth, lockpicking, and pickpocketing. After that, you can customize how your character looks or choose from prebuilt templates. Successfully navigating the world will require a bit of stealth, as you can gather from the pool of skillsets. 

On top of the fantastic gameplay, Death Trash allows players to get into some action with their friends. The game offers a few different local co-op modes, either on one screen or dual monitors. 

Death Trash has all the elements that scream instant classic thanks to its beautiful design, originality, and well-designed systems and UI. Needless to say, we cannot wait to check it out on release. You can learn more about Death Trash and stay up-to-date with all information and news by following their official Twitter. Check out the demo on the official Death Trash Steam page.

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