Currently in early access, GROUND BRANCH is taking tactical shooters to the next level

A first-person shooter with in-depth character and weapon customization.
Ground Branch Artwork
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Craving an old-school tactical shooter experience? Then set your sights on an exciting new FPS Ground Branch, from one of the developers behind the original Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six.

Developed by BlackFoot Studios and published by the simulation wizards at MicroProse, it takes the traditional tactical shooter and dials the realism up to eleven. BlackFoot boasts it “puts the “tactical” back in tactical shooter, and they’re not wrong.

A New Kind of Immersive Tactical Shooter

Ground Branch delivers solo and multiplayer action including co-op, player-vs-player, and objective-based game modes. It boasts an impressively in-depth customisation system where you choose exactly what you carry, all the way down to how many pouches you want on your vest. Plus, you can mount attachments virtually anywhere along your weapon. We’re absolutely spending six hours perfecting that loadout.

Thanks to Ground Branch’s True First-Person System, that degree of detail extends to the field. You have full control over your protagonist, from leaning to multiple weapon postures. That’s not just about looking cool, either. Every inch of you is modeled, so if you forget to pull your foot in, an enemy, human, or even AI soldier may just put a bullet in it.

Ground Branch is currently in Steam early access but we’ve been blown away by what we’ve seen so far. Going by the many positive Steam reviews, including the short-but-to-the-point “She’s a beaut cobba,” we’re not alone.

With a possible price rise coming once it eventually leaves early access, there’s no better time to buy or wishlist Ground Branch on Steam.

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