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Critical Legends Classes Tier List

A perfect class for a great adventure.
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Critical Legends, an adventure game made in Roblox, will have you, the player, undertake a world sized quest that will see you battle enemies, discover far away lands, and pillage secret treasures that are yet to be discovered. All of these sounds nice, but the player has a choice that could define whether they will triumph or fail in this legendary tale. Well, that choice is which class will you get to be. And of course, that can be confusing. Don’t worry, you will get to slay wild beasts and enemies, but first, check out the Critical Legends classes tier list.

Critical Legends Classes Tier List

S+-Tier Critical Legends Classes

S+Godbreaker T3HybridItem
S+Godbreaker T4HybridItem

S-Tier Critical Legends Classes

SGodbreaker T1HybridItem
SGodbreaker T2HybridItem
SVoidforged DrillsHybridItem
SMartial Artist T2 (White)HybridItem
SMartial Artist T2 (Black)HybridItem
SMartial Artist T3HybridItem
SDeep DwellerHybridItem
SFlame FighterMagicItem

A-Tier Critical Legends Classes

ABanisher of EternityPhysicalStatue
ASkypian T2PhysicalStatue
AThe OvenPhysicalItem
AHands of HopeMagicStatue
ASolar Eclipse GreatswordPhysicalItem
AEmber GoddessMagicStatue
ALord of EternityPhysicalItem
AWinged Fighter T3PhysicalItem
AAstral DesolationPhysicalItem
AImmortal SwordPhysicalItem
ASea DwellerHybridItem
AEternal CrusherPhysicalItem

B-Tier Critical Legends Classes

BReality BreakerPhysicalStatue
BDayDream’s NightmareHybridItem
BAwaken Dragon BrawlerPhysicalStatue
BTime WardenMagicStatue
BKing of SlimesPhysicalItem
BEngineer T2PhysicalItem
BViral ProgrammerPhysicalItem
BAstral BirthPhysicalItem
BDragon Ball Boxer (Zeno)PhysicalItem
BDevourer of EternityPhysicalItem
BStar SlayerPhysicalStatue
BChaotic DefenderPhysicalStatue
BDragon BrawlerPhysicalStatue
BVoid SamuraiPhysicalStatue
BSkypian T1PhysicalStatue
BVoid HarvesterPhysicalStatue
BBook of WishHybridStatue
BValkyrie Over HeavenHybridStatue
BMaster ProgrammerPhysicalItem
BVoid KingPhysicalItem
BTorch of DarknessPhysicalItem
BConqueror of EternityPhysicalItem
BSage T3MagicItem
BIce QueenMagicItem
BSacrificial DaggerHybridItem
BKatana of the Red Spider LilyMagicItem
BVenom DaggerMagicItem
BVenom KatanaMagicItem
BBoomerang T3HybridItem
BBoomerang T4HybridItem
BDragon Ball Boxer (Rest)PhysicalItem

C-Tier Critical Legends Classes

CShotgun of ImaginationPhysicalStatue
CMagic Mana StaffMagicStatue
CBlue SlimePhysicalItem
CSolar GreatswordPhysicalItem
CSage T2MagicItem
CWinged Fighter T1PhysicalItem
CWinged Fighter T2PhysicalItem
CBoomerang T1HybridItem
CBoomerang T1HybridItem
CEngineer T1PhysicalItem
CHeart ShieldPhysicalStatue
CBandite GunsPhysicalStatue
CHoly SwordMagicStatue
CFire and IceHybridStatue
CSage T1MagicItem
CSakura KatanaHybridItem

D-Tier Critical Legends Classes

DDual Bladed SwordPhysicalStatue
DOcean’s BladePhysicalStatue
DWind BowPhysicalStatue
DFlame ShieldPhysicalStatue
DDual GunnerPhysicalStatue
DApple TreePhysicalItem

F-Tier Critical Legends Classes

FApprentice StaffMagicStatue
FPriest StaffMagicStatue
FPowerfull Spell BookHybridStatue
FApple CollectorPhysicalItem
FMartial Artist T1 (White)HybridItem
FCombo SwordPhysicalStatue
FStack BowPhysicalStatue
FGuard ShieldPhysicalStatue
FFocus StaffMagicStatue
FStaff of HealingMagicStatue
FSpell BookHybridStatue
FValkyrie SpearHybridStatue
FPurple SlimePhysicalItem

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Well, that’s a lot of classes to choose from! Thankfully, there are quite a bunch that will be able to prove decent enough for you to select them. Just take into account the referential nature of this list as well as your play style in order to pick the best class that will suit you. Yes, I always say that, but why would you pick a class that is powerful but feels uncomfortable for you or, even worse, you don’t have any idea how to use it? Well, now you get my point. Hope you have a wonderful adventure, with a wonderful class.

Roblox is available now on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Please check out Gamer Journalist on Facebook to join the discussion and keep up to date with our content. You might also like to check out or guides on All Chest Locations in Roblox Critical Legends or How do you Get a T3 Healer in Critical Legends.

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