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How to get Golden Cookies in Cookie Clicker

How to get Golden Cookies in Cookie Clicker

I read a story one time about a bakery in New York that made a special golden cookie for a contest. It was filled with ruby chocolate and covered in genuine 24-karat gold leaf. Just one cost $1,000. If that’s too steep for you, don’t worry, you can get plenty of Golden Cookies for free just by playing Cookie Clicker, provided you’re paying attention. Here’s how to get Golden Cookies in Cookie Clicker.

Golden Cookies are, well, golden-colored cookies. Unlike the regular cookies you produce in Cookie Clicker, Golden Cookies can’t be obtained just by clicking or through any kind of building. Golden Cookies will appear at random intervals in random spots on your screen as you play the game, and to obtain one, you just have to click on it. Clicking on a Golden Cookie will provide a random positive benefit to your cookie-clicking operation. Of course, you have to be paying conscious attention to the game screen, or you won’t see it appear, and Golden Cookies will only stay on the screen for about 13 seconds. No alt-tabbing allowed here; you want those Golden Cookies, you gotta dedicate 100% of your brain power to them.

  • Click 7 Golden Cookies to unlock Lucky Day, which doubles the rate Golden Cookies appear at and how long they stay on screen.
  • Click 27 Golden Cookies to unlock Serendipity, which doubles the stats again and stacks with Lucky Day.
  • Click 77 Golden Cookies to unlock Get Lucky, which doubles the length of all positive Golden Cookie effects.

On the bright side, though, if you do manage to obtain a few Golden Cookies, you’ll find that getting more of them will become easier. Crossing certain Golden Cookie thresholds will unlock upgrades that, when purchased, make the Golden Cookies appear more frequently and hang around longer.

You can also increase your chances with the Golden Goose Egg, which increases Golden Cookie spawn frequency by 5%, and the Green Yeast Digestives, which increases spawn frequency by 1%.

You can also check out the best Cookie Clicker Steam mods if you want to see what’s out there to help you farm more Golden Cookies.

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