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Central Sa’id Top Floor Apartment Key Location in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

Another special Key to add to the list
Ghost in Warzone 2.0
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In Warzone 2.0 DMZ you can increase your chances to survival longer in completing Contracts and Faction Missions. A method of doing so is looting special locations by using the DMZ Keys. Whilst these are few and hard to find, they often will reward players with great loot and important upgrades. But if you find a special Key, make sure that you keep it safe. Due to it being randomized drops, if you lose the key it will be lost for good until you obtain again through looting. The special Keys in DMZ requires a lot of patience and the knowledge to know where to go after finding a Key. This guide will show you the location of what the Sa’id Top Floor Apartment Key opens in Warzone 2.0 DMZ.

How to Obtain Keys in DMZ

In DMZ there are two types of Keys which you can obtain through looting the open-world of Al Mazrah. However, as this loot is randomized, you may only obtain common Keys as opposed to the special set of Keys. The Keys you are looking for will be highlighted with an yellow glow in your inventory. For those wondering how to get special Keys, your options are to loot duffel bags, crates and fallen enemies. You can also check the Buy Stations as Keys will be sold there however this is random too.

We recommend opting to take down standard, lower levelled enemies to loot their bodies for the special Keys. This is the best bet in searching for these Keys. However, you can also target the Downtown Post Office Key to obtain a larger sum of Keys (average of 5) upon your visit of the Post Office in Al Mazrah City. Here you should open the mail boxes for Keys and loot the building in its entirety. Hopefully the Sa’id Apartment Key appears here. If not do not worry, stay patient in your search and keep looting the bodies of enemies that are not high-value targets. These are the easiest to take down and you will find in abundance in the open-world of DMZ.

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What Does the Sa’id Key Open?

As its name suggests, this Key opens a door in the Aparment building located inside Sa’id City. What is one of the slightly easier Key locations to find on Al Mazrah due to its simple titling. Players can find the City of Sa’id on the western-side of the Map, located south of Sattiq Caves. When you enter the City, head to the grouping of buildings to the left of the named Location seen on the Map. You are looking to enter the tall Aparment Building at the exact location highlighted on the Map below (red dot).

Image via Activision

The Loot of the Apartment

Once inside, go two floors up via the staircase. The door you need to unlock is to the left of the staircase after arriving on the top floor. You will note Arabic writing marked on the front of this apartment door. Use the special Key here to get inside. Just after the door, deadbolted door ahead which you can unlock. Turn left and head into the main part of the apartment to explore for loot. As always with special Key rooms, you will find the orange Supply Box for upgraded loot. This area has been known to offer worse loot than others but due to its randomized code it is worth checking it out for any upgrades.

We hope this guide was useful for tips of how to obtain special DMZ Keys. With added location on where to use the Sa’id Apartment Key for extra loot. We also have other location guides on other DMZ Keys such as Where to Find What The Maintenance Room Key Opens in Warzone 2.0 DMZ and What Does the Hafid Ship Bridge Cache Key Open in Warzone 2 DMZ – Location. Take a look if you are interested. You can also follow us at Gamer Journalist’s Facebook for more DMZ guides and other gaming content.

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