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Can You Catch Shiny Solosis in Pokémon GO?

Can You Catch Shiny Solosis in Pokémon GO?

According to the PokéDex, the semisolid liquid shell that surrounds a Solosis’ physical body is completely airtight. This means that a Solosis could, in theory, survive in just about any environment, no matter how hostile, including the vacuum of space. If it weren’t for its impressive Psychic abilities, it wouldn’t even be able to interact with the world outside its bubble. Of course, whether you decide to interact with a Solosis yourself may depend on its coloration. On that note, can you catch shiny Solosis in Pokémon GO?

As time goes on, Niantic gradually adds more shiny variants to the Pokémon that already exist in the Pokémon GO PokéDex. Pokémon don’t usually release alongside their shiny variants; rather, those colorations are added to the game in time with special events or milestones. Solosis is due to be the star of tonight’s Spotlight Hour from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time, and considering it’s the first Spotlight Hour of 2022, not to mention the fact that Solosis was added to the game a good two years ago, it’d certainly be a good time to get that shiny variant on the books.

Can you Catch Shiny Solosis in Pokémon GO?

Unfortunately, it seems it’s not Solosis’ turn to be shiny just yet. Solosis’ shiny variant has not yet been added to the Pokémon GO PokéDex, and it’s a little too short notice for it to pop up during the spotlight hour, so it looks like we’re not getting shiny Solosis just yet.

As for when Solosis’ shiny variant will be added, it’s anyone’s guess. As I mentioned, Niantic doesn’t follow a hard and fast timetable for adding shiny variants to Pokémon GO; sometimes they’ll come in a couple of months, sometimes they’ll come in a couple of years. That said, Solosis was first added to the game as part of 2020’s Psychic Spectacular event, so if another Psychic type-themed event were to run in Pokémon GO, it may have a good chance of being added to the game yet. That particular event was also in March of 2020, and, well, it’ll be March again in two months, so maybe they’ll give Solosis the shiny treatment on its two-year anniversary? 

Either way, keep your eyes peeled; when shiny Solosis is added to the game, you’ll be able to differentiate it by checking the little squiggly thing on top of its head.

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