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Best Titanfall 2 Mods

Instill a new life in legendary game.
Image Via Respawn Entertainment

When the first Titanfall appeared in 2014, it managed to deliver a fresh concept to the stalling FPS genre. Introducing giant mechs as a part of gameplay, Titanfall made a revolution in the videogame community. Two years later, Titanfall 2 arrived and, surprisingly, improved on the original concept.

Just when the initial appeal of Titanfall 2 began to fade, the mod community arrived to save the day. Titanfall 2 has one of the most vivid modding societies, and you can find some great mods that improve the gameplay quality in many ways. This list will present some of the greatest Titanfall 2 mods you can find.

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Sunflares Be Gone

Image by Respawn Entertainment / TwoFiftySix

One of the worst feelings while playing a shooter game is when a sun flare obstructs your aim. It’s annoying in a great measure, and it often makes you lose your temper. Unfortunately, you can’t turn off the sun. Or can you?

Sunflares Be Gone mod by TwoFiftySix removes the J.J. Abrams level of sun flares, making the game a bit more balanced experience. You won’t get in the situation of Sun stealing your kill after you install this mod. Now you can die like a real player from the lack of skill.

Weapon FOV Fix

Image by Respawn Entertainment / JustPrem

Titanfall 2 is, most of the time, a very streamlined and comfortable game to play. However, the basic version of the game had some flaws that needed addressing. This refers to the horrendous POV that all weapons with basic sights have.

Whenever you aim down the sights, the game will just zoom your view in so much that you won’t be able to have any kind of clarity. Weapon FOV Fix made by JustPrem will remove zoomed-in FOV and give you only a bit of zoom on iron sights. Needless to say, this greatly improves aiming and precision.

Disabled Crosshair Shaking

Image by Respawn Entertainment / aki008

Another mod that improves the general feeling of the game. Titanfall 2 is notorious for its crosshair behavior, especially shaking. The crosshair shakes whenever players are reloading, sprinting, and shooting, which kind of dampens the accuracy. Disabled Crosshair Shaking mod by aki008 fixes that issue.

Before you ask, yes, the crosshair is still dynamic. It moves and changes. This mod just makes it constantly centered. Also, this mod disabled the crosshair turning red when looking at enemies. To install this mod, you need a Northstar mod manager, and you can remove it temporarily, depending on the situation.

Anime Girl Moan Grapple Sound

Image by Respawn Entertainment / RwynRX

Well, this one is quite self-explanatory. Anime Girl Moan Grapple Sound made by RwynRX replaces the usual grapple sound with the anime girl moan. It’s no wonder Titanfall games are quite popular among mecha anime fans since they can drive giant mechs all over the map like their favorite characters.

This mod adds up some flare by putting a lewd anime girl sound whenever you fire a grapple. Considering the grapple is very much used on most of the Titanfall 2 maps, activating this mod on the entire server would result in mayhem.

Simple Reshade

Image by Respawn Entertainment / GreebusBeebus

When it came out, Titanfall 2 was a really good-looking game that served as a benchmark for video game performance. Unfortunately, this game arrived during a time when vivid colors weren’t kindly looked upon. Thus, from today’s point of view, this game might look a bit washed away in terms of colors.

As the name says, the Simple Reshade mod made by GreebusBeebus offers a simple reshade to the game. It adds better colors and contrast, darker shadows, and generally a better-looking display of colors and shades. A fair warning: if you install this mod, you can expect an FPS decrease, depending on your hardware and area density.

Disabled Hitmarker

Image by Respawn Entertainment / uniboi

Hitmarkers in shooting games were introduced a couple of generations ago as a clear indicator you have hit your target. Since then, hit markers achieved a certain level of infamy and even a meme status. With that said, some people don’t want to see them in their gameplay, and I understand why.

So, the Disabled Hitmarker mod by uniboi completely removes hitmarkers from the game. There certainly are other ways to confirm your kills, and hitmarkers can prove to be distracting. You can opt to keep hitmarkers in multiplayer by deleting cl_hud.gnut file.

Toggle Hud

Image by Respawn Entertainment / TheJanitor

Sometimes, you just want to enjoy the game without worrying about pesky things such as your life points or ammo. TheJanitor’s Toggle HUD will help you focus on the graphics and atmosphere of Titanfall 2 by removing all interface options. That includes all onscreen info and every indicator that might help you otherwise.

By pressing CapsLock, you’ll be able to disable or reenable your HUD. Be aware, though, that this mod disables menus, too, so you’d have to reenable them before using them. Also, if you get bothered by the Caps indicator on your keyboard, you can remap the key binding.

There are a plethora of Titanfall 2 mods that greatly improve the gameplay or remove some pesky features from the source version of the game. For more related content, please check out Is Titanfall 2 Cross-Platform.

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