Top 5 Best Steam Skins: Customize Your Game Client

If you’re not a fan of the default Steam skin, there are ways to customize the gaming client to look how you want. There are dozens of different skins out there created by designers, each with their own unique look and feel. Skins allow you to change things in the Steam client such as the color schemes, fonts, user interface, and menus. We put together a collection of the top 5 best Steam skins for you to try out.

How to Install Steam Skins

Custom skins must be installed in a specific folder in the Steam directory. Here’s what you need to find:

  • Find your skin and download the .zip file
  • Locate the Steam install directory and find the correct folder
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\skins
  • Extract the .zip file into the Skins folder
  • In Steam, go to Settings > Interface > Select the skin you wish Steam to use
  • Choose your skin and press OK to restart your Steam client

Top 5 Best Steam Skins

  • Metro
  • PixelVision 2
  • Threshold
  • Air
  • SteamCompact

Here’s a collection of what we consider to be the best Steam skins out there at the moment.

Metro For Steam

Metro is a new look for the Steam platform you already know and love. The color scheme is dark with primarily gray and black colors. The general overlay is different, and gives an overall cleaner look to the UI.

Top 5 Best Steam Skins - Metro Skin

PixelVision 2

PixelVision is a skin dating back to 2011, originally developed as a simple interface replacement for the default skin. A community-driven project called PixelVision 2 has taken over since the last update by the original developer in 2015.

Top 5 Best Steam Skins - PixelVision 2

Threshold Skin

The Threshold Skin is a Windows 10 themed skin. If you like a coherent look between your Windows PC your gaming platform, this is a skin you should try out.

Best Steam Skins - Threshold

Air Skin

Air is a redesign of the Steam client utilizing Google’s Material Design language. Features a minimum design for the Steam client that makes for a nice clean looking interface.

Top 5 Best Steam Skins - Air Steam Skin

SteamCompact Skin

Our final skin on the list is SteamCompact. The developer is active in keeping this project up-to-date whenever any issues arise or when a Steam update is available. The look and feel of this skin remained consistent throughout the years.


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