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Best Minion Builds in Undecember

These are the best builds!
Image via Needs Games

Undecember is putting itself out there as one fierce competitor to the popular RPG-massacre games like Diablo, Shadows: Awakening, and Path of Exile. As with these games, Undecember allows you to choose various builds and gives you the opportunity to tailor your adventure according to your standards.

Different builds are created using multiple elements such as runes, items, and zodiac signs. There is no difference when it comes to minion build (also known as summoner build) so we will give you the perfect recipe for this build and help you create an army that will wreck enemies.

What Are the Ingredients for a Perfect Minion Build?

The first thing you should know when thinking about a minion build is that it’s not a speed build and that it doesn’t do well against most bosses. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that it’s not fun and that your minions are incapable of beating up bosses. It just means that it will take extra time and effort when compared to other builds. The following build assumes that you are level 80.


The base for your minion build is Intelligence and Strength stats (around 250+ for Intelligence and 120+ for Strength at level 80). This way you will get enough mana and HP to tank damage, and also a lot of minion buff options in that Zodiac tree to choose from. When choosing buffs, make sure to make any damage and hit rate ones a priority, and then afterward you can go ahead and buff minion regeneration, minion HP and minion armor.


When starting the minion build you should pick up the right runes. Besides the obvious ones that upgrade your minions such as Minion speed, I recommend taking runes such as Poison Arrow, Flowing Pain, Projectile Acceleration, Multishot, etc. This kind of build allows your ranged minions to have a strong attack that can kill whole groups of enemies.

After that, you can take runes like Toxic Flame, DoT, Spell DMG Increase, or anything else that you see will increase minions significantly and suits your playstyle. One thing that is a must-have is Gather Minions so you can summon them all at your location whenever you need, and Summon Rune Knight. There will be a couple of knights to choose from but it’s vital that you have one since he will be the one soaking up the incoming damage.


As items offer many improvements to your hero, pay attention to those providing minion upgrades. Look out for two-handed staffs that can have a huge percentage-based minion damage buff, but also pay attention to rings as they are the next best thing when it comes to bonus minion damage. Furthermore, everything from helms, belts, and robes can offer a significant enhancement to your minions, especially when paired up with other items so, in the end, you can create your own combination according to the items you find.

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