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Best Inscryption Mods

Make your game even more terrifying!
Screenshot via Daniel Mullins Games

Inscryption, the twisted deck-building roguelike developed by Daniel Mullins Games, has captured the hearts of both card game enthusiasts and fans of eerie storytelling alike. However, what truly sets Inscryption apart is its creative modding community, which has produced a plethora of inventive and game-altering modifications over the years.

These mods allow players to further immerse themselves in the enigmatic world of Inscryption, offering new cards, challenges, and experiences. In this article, we will explore some of the very best Inscryption mods, each enhancing the game in unique and captivating ways!

Best Mods for Inscryption

No one can deny the appeal of Inscryption’s dark and eerie narrative, but even the most thrilling games can be made better with mods.

Whether you’re seeking to intensify Inscryption’s challenging narrative, looking for a fresh and challenging experience, or simply want to experiment with new cards and mechanics, these mods are your gateway to an even more captivating and enigmatic Inscryption experience!

Here is a comprehensive list of all the very best mods for Inscryption:

Grimora Mod

GrimoraMod Inscryption
Image via Daniel Mullins Games/Arackulele

The Grimora Mod is easily one of the biggest and most detailed mods for Inscryption out there. This massive mod adds a whole ass additional campaign to Inscryption, in addition to 4 new bosses, over 50 new cards and abilities, 4 unique areas, a plethora of new events, and even a custom soundtrack!

If you’ve been looking for a mod that totally revitalizes your Inscryption experience, then this mod by Arackulele on Thunderstore is it!

Gareth Mod

Deck of Cards in Inscryption
Screenshot via Daniel Mullins Games

The Gareth Mod is perfect for players who are getting tired of seeing the same old cards over and over again. This mod by Gareth48 on Thunderstore adds a whopping 26 new cards to the game, in addition to 6 brand-new sigils!

Nevernamed’s Bestiary Mod

Card Game in Inscryption
Image via Daniel Mullins Games

If you’ve been getting bored with the gameplay in Inscryption, then this mod by Nevernamed on Thunderstore is for you. This mod adds a colossal collection of cards to the game, covering every single one of the acts in Inscryption.

The Nevernamed’s Bestiary mod adds literally hundreds of new cards to the game, including Commons, Rares, Beasts, Robots, Undead, Wizards, you name it!

Plants vs Zombies Mod

Evil Hands Inscryption
Screenshot via Daniel Mullins Games

This one’s for all the Plants vs Zombies fans out there! The Plants vs Zombies mod adds a shit ton of plants from the classic Plants vs Zombies games into Inscryption. By downloading this mod, you’ll be adding over 56 new cards, 5 custom tribes, 15 new sigils, and even a brand-new form of currency to your game!

If you’re a long-time fan of the Plants vs Zombies franchise and are looking for a mod to breathe some new life into your Inscryption playthrough, then go ahead and check out this mod by Zepht on Thunderstore!

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All The Sigils Mod

Sigil in Inscryption
Image via Daniel Mullins Games

If you’re tired of seeing the same damn sigils over and over again during your playthroughs of Inscryption, then you need this mod in your life. As its name would suggest, the All The Sigils mod adds a crap ton more sigils to the game, over 175, to be exact!

If you want to be able to choke on the sheer number of sigils that Inscryption shoves down your throat on your next playthrough, then check out this mod by AllTheSigils on Thunderstore!

Shark Mod

Shark Mod Inscryption
Image via Daniel Mullins Games/keks307

Do you like sharks?? Do you like having them invade every aspect of your waking life, including your video games??? Then you need this random ass Shark Mod by keks307 on Thunderstore!!!!!!! This mod’s only purpose is to inject shark-themed shit into your game, and it does it with a fin-fueled passion!!!

FiveNightsAtInscryption Mod

FiveNightsAtInscryption Mod
Image via Daniel Mullins Games/Cevin2006

This is admittedly one of the coolest Inscryption mods out there (yeah, even better than the shark one). This mod adds an effing GIANT expansion that literally adds an entire Act themed after Five Nights at Freddy’s! If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking that Inscryption wasn’t creepy enough as it was, then you need to download this mod by Cevin2006 on Thunderstore.

Nevernamed’s Sigilarium

Sigil Card Inscryption
Image via Daniel Mullins Games

The same ballin’ mf that made Nevernamed’s Bestiary mod made this work of art, so if you’re a fan of their work, then you’ll probably like this one, too.

Similar to how their bestiary mod added legit hundreds of new cards to the game, Nevernamed’s Sigilarium mod adds hundreds of weird and unique sigils to your game! Similarly, this mod can be found on the same website as Nevernamed the previous mod: Thunderstore.

BittysChallenges Mod

Door Inscryption
Image via Daniel Mullins Games

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that Inscryption was too easy?? Cool, so did Bitty45 on Thunderstore; which is why they made the BittysChallenges mod! This mod adds 14 brand-new challenges and even 6 new anti-challenges to the game, ensuring you never have another easy playthrough again!

IncreaseActOneCardSlots Mod

IncreaseActOneCardSlots Mod Inscryption
Image via Daniel Mullins Games/JulianMods

This one’s title may be a mouthful, but it’s easily one of the most useful Inscryption mods on this list. Like, for real, even if you don’t download literally any of the other mods from this list (though I don’t know how anyone could pass up that shark one), you need to at least download this one.

The IncreaseActOneCardSlots mod delivers exactly what its title promises, which is an additional card slot to your hand, giving you a leg up on the competition in Inscryption. This mod was masterfully crafted by JulianMods on the same website that literally all of the other mods on this list are on: Thunderstore.

Inscryption’s enchanting blend of card battles, storytelling, and dark aesthetics has earned it a special place in the hearts of many gamers, but its thriving modding community has breathed new life into this already captivating title.

If you love Inscryption but feel like you’re getting stuck in your playthroughs more often then not, then you should check out Gamer Journalist’s Inscryption guides, like our “How to Solve all Act 3 Puzzles in Inscryption” guide.

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